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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Jane Creba Suspect Charged with Lesser Offence

A man who was a teenager at the time of the Jane Creba murder has now been charged with a lesser offence. A judge has brought the charge down to manslaughter. The lawyer for the individual was able to argue that there was no legal route for the preliminary hearing judge to commit him on murder, even if he caused her death. The youth still faces 6 attempted murder charges in regards to this case.

The seven adults charged with murder or manslaughter in Creba's death are awaiting a preliminary hearing on March 7 when a judge is to rule on what charges, if any, they'll face at the trial.

This case to me is a joke. The police just charged who they wanted to and in all honestly I don’t even think the person that shot Jane knows he shot her considering so many young men were supposedly shooting at each other during the time. Someone’s bullet killed this girl but who knows. The police were so set on arresting someone that in my opinion they’re just pinning it on who they want to put it on. And the cops wonder why black men don’t like them. SMH! Rumour is that a cops bullet is the one that struck her. But of course that will never come to light.