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Friday, February 15, 2008

Case Closed: Youhan Oraha Murder Trial - Guilty Verdict

It’s a sad day for various families as 3 young men who were standing trial for the murder of Youhan Oraha have been found guilty of first degree murder today and were given automatic life sentences by a judge. Jahmar Welsh, 24, his stepbrother Evol Robinson, 22, and their friend Reuben Pinnock, 22, all of Toronto, were each found guilty of first-degree murder this afternoon in the Oct. 9, 2004 gunshot killing of Youhan Oraha, 22, of Woodbridge. Oraha was shot 14 times in his head, chest and abdomen just moments after he and his girlfriend Lacharn McLean arrived at his Lexus in a parking lot of a Lisa St. highrise in Brampton.

The seven men and five women on the jury reached their decision after deliberating for more than 26 hours over five days. Pinnock's mother Lorna collapsed when the verdict was read and was comforted by Colette Robinson's - mother of Jahmar and Evol. "God will punish all police officers," she wailed.

In the trial, which spanned more than five months, prosecutors Steve Sherriff and Cam Watson said Oraha was murdered in a planned execution to avenge the death of Shemaul Cunningham, 21, of Toronto. Although there was no direct evidence linking Welsh to the Oraha killing, prosecutors alleged he was one of four people that night that fired 28 bullets at Oraha.

This is a very sad case as these are young men who will not have a chance to see the light of day for a very long time. I’m a person that believes every individual has something to offer to the world and unfortunately these young men will miss out on a lot in life and never really have that chance to shine. I have a personal outlook on the case but I don’t want to cause any upsets amongst people and/or friends and family so I’ll keep to myself. Youhan’s family will never see him again and Youhan also may have done his dirt but no one deserves to be killed in my opinion even if he himself took a life. In the end May God rest his sould. My prayers go out the young men also and their families.

View the full article here. It’s quite interesting.