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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Blog Update

For some reason visitors to this site are upset about the fact that I discuss other races besides the black race on this blog. One individual in particular is upset that I posted stories that may not be about people that are black and two other individuals are upset that I posted a story on the murder of Jonathan Rodrigues. Clearly with a name like Jonathan Rodrigues, I can tell he's not black and actually I wouldn't even have guessed he was white, I would have though Filipino or Spanish with a last name like that.

Although this site focuses more on black on black crime, I've also taken the time to input any other crime that may have happened in the city. When discussing other individuals in no way am I making an attempt to disresepect anyone so I don't see why the name calling and immature comments being left is necessary. Also with the comments left by the friends of Jonathan it's clear that racism still exists in society with the vulgar comments that were left.

Clearly going through the site, 90% of the stories refer to black individuals and I don't see what the problem is with discussing other crime in Toronto. I don't see why the hands are up in the air like I've disrespected anyone.

Comments made by individuals were very ignorant and uneducated but in order not piss off anyone, going forward I will only discuss anything related to a black individual. Hopefully it makes everyone happy and the three individuals that sent their concerns.

Thank you once again for visiting the blog.