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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Blog Update

For some reason visitors to this site are upset about the fact that I discuss other races besides the black race on this blog. One individual in particular is upset that I posted stories that may not be about people that are black and two other individuals are upset that I posted a story on the murder of Jonathan Rodrigues. Clearly with a name like Jonathan Rodrigues, I can tell he's not black and actually I wouldn't even have guessed he was white, I would have though Filipino or Spanish with a last name like that.

Although this site focuses more on black on black crime, I've also taken the time to input any other crime that may have happened in the city. When discussing other individuals in no way am I making an attempt to disresepect anyone so I don't see why the name calling and immature comments being left is necessary. Also with the comments left by the friends of Jonathan it's clear that racism still exists in society with the vulgar comments that were left.

Clearly going through the site, 90% of the stories refer to black individuals and I don't see what the problem is with discussing other crime in Toronto. I don't see why the hands are up in the air like I've disrespected anyone.

Comments made by individuals were very ignorant and uneducated but in order not piss off anyone, going forward I will only discuss anything related to a black individual. Hopefully it makes everyone happy and the three individuals that sent their concerns.

Thank you once again for visiting the blog.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Violent Crime Stable

Violent crime involving firearms has stayed stable for a fourth consecutive year, Statistics Canada reports. Handguns accounted for about two-thirds of all violent gun crime in 2006, with police services reporting 8,100 victims of such crime, the agency said in its report released Wednesday.

While the overall rate is stable, there is a rise in the use of guns by young people, it said. "The rate of youth aged 12 to 17 accused of a firearm-related offence has risen in three of the past four years, increasing 32 per cent since 2002," the report said. Young people were mainly using them in robberies, it said. Youths seem to be using guns more than adults.

"In 2006, 1,287 young people were accused of a violent offence in which a gun was used. They accounted for 2.8 per cent of all youth accused of violence; in contrast, 1.8 per cent of adults accused of a violent offence had used a firearm," the report said.

Gun-related violent crime primarily remains a big-city problem. "Vancouver had the highest rate among all census metropolitan areas (CMAs), followed by Winnipeg and Toronto. Among youth, however, the rates of violence involving firearms were highest in Toronto and Saskatoon," it said.

The rates for the three worst cities are:

Vancouver: 45.3 violent gun-related offences per 100,000 population
Winnipeg: 43.9
Toronto: 40.4

There were 190 gun-related homicides in Canada in 2006, down 33 from 2005.

Edmonton had the highest gun-related homicide rate, followed by Abbotsford, B.C., the leader the previous four years.

"Canada's 2006 firearm homicide rate was nearly six times lower than the United States," the report said.

Violent gun crimes in Canada are treated more harshly by the courts, the study found.

"Adults convicted of a violent gun crime were sentenced, on average, to just over four years in prison, double the typical sentence length of those convicted of the same violent offence where a firearm had not been used."

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Monday, February 18, 2008

Murder in Brampton

UPDATE: Peels latest homicide was also a target years ago. In 2003 Andre was facing a murder charge. Andre Harrisingh was charged with the murder of Dwayne McClean. The Crown determined that Harrisingh and his co-accused had acted in self defence even though Harrisingh never did have a weapon when McClean was shot in the chest at close range several times. Because McClean had also fired shots when he was killed, the judge released Andre and his co-accused citing that it was self defence.

I can just see the police talking now. "Thank God, another nigger dead". BLACK PEOPLE WAKE UP!

Peel is continuing to make headlines as they have another homicide on their hands. 4th murder iin 2008.

Last night at the Trilogy Nightclub by Kennedy and Queen shots rang out and 26 year old Andre Alexander Harrisingh of Malton was found lying dead in the parking lot.

Peel investigators are looking for a small white vehicle that was spotted leaving the scene along with a green SUV.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Crime for Today: January 17

Scarborough Stabbing

A man is in hospital after he was found bleeding in a stairwell of an apartment building in Scarborough. Police were called to the scene on Cougar Court near Markham Road and Eglinton just after 3am Sunday. The victim had been stabbed multiple times but its believed his injuries are non life-threatening. There's no word yet of a suspect.

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Homicide #7-Murder at House Party in Scarborough

UPDATE: The lastest homicide victim was ID'd as Tristan Wright 23 years old. Tristan was shot multiple times in the head. Police continue to look for 4 males in a white vehicle.

Police have confirmed that the latest shooting victim is a black male. The latest murder victim was shot dead last night in the Malvern area around Finch and Nielson. Police cannot yet confirm if he was at a party that was ongoing in the area last night.

Emergency crews arrived to find the young man lying in a pool of blood between two houses. The shooting supposedly occured around 6am in the Dunsfold area. "Witnesses say they observed four males fleeing in a white vehicle, possibly a four-door Neon or Honda," explained Toronto Homicide Squad Det. Terry Browne.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Crime for Today: January 15

Man Beaten And Dumped From Speeding Car Along Highway

A terrible crime appears to have launched what was supposed to be a quiet holiday weekend in the city. Police and paramedics were called to Highway 400 north of Sheppard just after 7:30pm Friday, after receiving reports of a badly beaten victim on the roadway.

It appears a man in his 20s may have been deliberately dumped from a passing car while it was still moving. He remains in hospital in serious condition but his injuries aren't considered life threatening. It's not clear if he's been able to tell police what happened to him or who may have inflicted his wounds.

Cops are looking for a silver SUV that was seen speeding away from the scene at Highway 400.

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Unresolved Murder: Adrian Roy Baptiste

While were on the subject of Youhan Oraha, might as well I speak of his friends murder which remains unresolved. Adrian Roy Baptiste was gunned down in December 2003 as he sat in his friend's Youhan's (who is now also deceased) parked Lexus.

8 Day earlier Baptiste was acquitted in the murder of Desmon Mingo in Hamilton. Police speculate that this of course was a revenge killing. To this day his murder is unresolved. We'll never know if his killer remains at large or if his killer is deceased but again it's another black man taken by the bullet.

Case Closed: Youhan Oraha Murder Trial - Guilty Verdict

It’s a sad day for various families as 3 young men who were standing trial for the murder of Youhan Oraha have been found guilty of first degree murder today and were given automatic life sentences by a judge. Jahmar Welsh, 24, his stepbrother Evol Robinson, 22, and their friend Reuben Pinnock, 22, all of Toronto, were each found guilty of first-degree murder this afternoon in the Oct. 9, 2004 gunshot killing of Youhan Oraha, 22, of Woodbridge. Oraha was shot 14 times in his head, chest and abdomen just moments after he and his girlfriend Lacharn McLean arrived at his Lexus in a parking lot of a Lisa St. highrise in Brampton.

The seven men and five women on the jury reached their decision after deliberating for more than 26 hours over five days. Pinnock's mother Lorna collapsed when the verdict was read and was comforted by Colette Robinson's - mother of Jahmar and Evol. "God will punish all police officers," she wailed.

In the trial, which spanned more than five months, prosecutors Steve Sherriff and Cam Watson said Oraha was murdered in a planned execution to avenge the death of Shemaul Cunningham, 21, of Toronto. Although there was no direct evidence linking Welsh to the Oraha killing, prosecutors alleged he was one of four people that night that fired 28 bullets at Oraha.

This is a very sad case as these are young men who will not have a chance to see the light of day for a very long time. I’m a person that believes every individual has something to offer to the world and unfortunately these young men will miss out on a lot in life and never really have that chance to shine. I have a personal outlook on the case but I don’t want to cause any upsets amongst people and/or friends and family so I’ll keep to myself. Youhan’s family will never see him again and Youhan also may have done his dirt but no one deserves to be killed in my opinion even if he himself took a life. In the end May God rest his sould. My prayers go out the young men also and their families.

View the full article here. It’s quite interesting.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Jane Creba Suspect Charged with Lesser Offence

A man who was a teenager at the time of the Jane Creba murder has now been charged with a lesser offence. A judge has brought the charge down to manslaughter. The lawyer for the individual was able to argue that there was no legal route for the preliminary hearing judge to commit him on murder, even if he caused her death. The youth still faces 6 attempted murder charges in regards to this case.

The seven adults charged with murder or manslaughter in Creba's death are awaiting a preliminary hearing on March 7 when a judge is to rule on what charges, if any, they'll face at the trial.

This case to me is a joke. The police just charged who they wanted to and in all honestly I don’t even think the person that shot Jane knows he shot her considering so many young men were supposedly shooting at each other during the time. Someone’s bullet killed this girl but who knows. The police were so set on arresting someone that in my opinion they’re just pinning it on who they want to put it on. And the cops wonder why black men don’t like them. SMH! Rumour is that a cops bullet is the one that struck her. But of course that will never come to light.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Police Seek Witnesses Following Weekend Shooting


On Saturday, February 16, 2008, Abdiweli Hassan, 21, of Toronto, was arrested and charged.

Police are seeking the public's assistance after a weekend shooting sent a 21-year-old man to hospital.

The violence erupted on Saturday night at around midnight.

The victim was leaving the Don Montgomery Community Recreation Arena at Eglinton Avenue East and Midland Ave., when a man walked up to his car. The two then reportedly got into an argument and the suspect pulled a gun from his coat and pulled the trigger.

The victim was hit by a bullet but still managed to flag down an ambulance.

The suspect is described as black, 18 - 22, 6', skinny face, wearing a black hat and blue jacket.
If you know anything, contact police at 416-808-4104, Crime Stoppers anonymously at 416-222-TIPS (8477), or online at

Friday, February 8, 2008

Crime for Today: January 8

Shooting Could Be a Case of Mistaken Identity

A 30-year-old man was shot overnight in what could be a case of mistaken identity.
The victim was sitting in his parked car on Chalkfarm Dr. near Jane and Wilson at about 11pm Wednesday night when a man approached the vehicle and opened fire.

The man was struck in the arm and ankle and was taken to hospital in serious condition. The gunman took off, possibly with another individual. It's believed they're driving a dark-coloured Honda.

The victim's car was punctured on one side by two bullet holes.

There's no word on whether police have any other leads in their search for the suspect or suspects. Anyone with information can contact Crime Stoppers at 416-222-TIPS (8477).

Two Men Arrested For Alleged Downtown Robbery

Toronto Police arrested two men in connection with a robbery late Thursday.
It's alleged that Frank John Glover, 21, and Ashaun Orlando Campbell, 26, approached a man walking on Yonge Street near Wellesley around 9pm.

When one of the accused asked him for money, the victim said he couldn't spare any change. That's when they grabbed him but the victim managed to escape and make it to a nearby restaurant where he called the police.

Authorities caught up with the two men a short distance away and arrested them.

Glover is charged with:
four counts of Robbery,
fail to Comply Probation

Campbell is charged with:
four counts of Robbery

They're both scheduled to make a court appearance Friday morning.

If you know anything that can help police with their investigation, call (416) 808-5200 or Crime Stoppers at (416) 222-TIPS.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Cops Make Arrest in Double Murder

19-year-old Adrian McFarlane (left) and 18-year-old Tyler Roulsten are dead. Killled last Friday during during a home invasion gone wrong. A 23-year-old was also wounded remains in hospital, although his injuries are no longer considered life threatening.

On the weekend cops arrested 19-year-old Mikhail Myrie for this horrific crime due to the fact the crime took place in his apartment. It sucks that this event occured at his home, if this event occured at anyone's home they would have been arrested so there is a chance that this individual did not kill these two men it just happens that the events that occured Friday was at his apartment. Mikhail has been charged with second degree murder of Adrian Mcfarlane as the events of course were not premeditated or planned.

A 5th individual who may have been injured during the shooting remains on the loose and police are looking to question him.

Overall, this whole situation is sad.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Car Jacking Spree

The way these men go about carrying their crimes nowadays, it feels like these are stories coming straight out of a movie.

Police are hunting two armed men after a carjacking and shooting was followed by two gas bar robberies and a high-speed police pursuit on Highway 401. The pair are suspected in a third gas bar robbery early Sunday.

The violence began at 10:30 p.m. Saturday in Vaughan when the two men carjacked a dark green Audi A6 on Highway 7, east of Highway 400 just after the exit ramp.
Police say the Audi was stopped at a traffic light when it was bumped by a van. The driver got out of his car to confront the driver of the van and there was an altercation. The Audi driver was shot in the head with a .22 calibre pistol during a struggle and his passenger was assaulted and removed from the car.

The driver and passenger were later taken to hospital with serious but non-life threatening injuries, said Staff Sgt. McHardy of Vaughan region police. he said both are expected to be released from hospital today.

The thieves then drove south on Highway 400 and robbed an Esso gas station at Dufferin St. and Finch Ave. just before 11 p.m., said Staff Sgt. Brian Francis of Toronto Police. About 10 minutes later, they held up another Esso at Bayview and Sheppard Avenues. There were no injuries in either case and the gun-wielding men made off with undisclosed amounts of cash.
Police responding to the robbery calls saw the Audi drive onto the westbound 401 ramp at Leslie St. They followed the car and when they turned on their flashing lights the car accelerated to such a high rate of speed the pursuit was called off. “It was called off for safety’s sake,” Sgt. Francis said.

Peel Police believe the suspects robbed a third Esso gas bar on Derry Rd. near Kennedy in Mississauga a short time later.

Police say the first suspect is black about 6 feet tall, 180 pounds and the second is black, 5’9 with a baseball cap. Both were dressed in dark clothing.

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Saturday, February 2, 2008

Homicide #5 and #6-Double Shooting in Scarborough Highrise

Yesterday at 1360 Danforth Rd. a shooting took place that left 2 men dead and one wounded. Residents on two floors were locked out of their residence as forensics tried to gather clues in regards to the double shooting.

One man was found inside the building with gunshot wounds and taken to Sunnybrook hospital in critical condition. A second man was pronounced dead at the scene. And a third was found dead in an apartment on the 14th floor, police said. Supposedly one of the dead victims may have been the suspect in the shooting.

All three victims were in their late teens or early twenties, police said. The police are also looking for an individual seen limping from the scene as a person of interest. There were supposedly five men in the house when the shooting took place.

Clearly someone went to rob someone and it turned into a robbery gone bad. This is a very sad case because lives are lost but what's even sadder is this sounds like a sad case of stupidy and greed for either money, drugs or guns. When will the youth learn it ain't worth it.

The names of the victims have not yet been released.