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Friday, January 25, 2008

Violence in the Schools

I got a letter this past week from my son's school. In the letter, the school informed parents that the police had to arrest a student on the school grounds for a reason not stated. Keep in mind my son's school only goes up to grade 8 and he's only in grade 4 so I started to worry and ask myself "Who in the world is my child in school with?".

I asked my son what he knew about this arrest and he said someone told him the boy brought a knife to school. After speaking with other parents this young boy that was arrested was recently expelled from school and came back on school grounds with a knife. Now my question is what in the world was this boy going to do with the knife? Supposedly he was also just a grade 7 student.

2007 was definitely a violent year in the schools in the GTA and even in Brampton. The biggest news headline of 2007 was Jordan Manners (left) who was shot and killed while in school. I read a couple of weeks ago of a young boy bringing a pellet gun to school and shooting the pellet gun in the cafeteria, he was only 15 years old. Brampton has had quite a few lockdowns this past year. A few incidents also occurred in Brampton when students were leaving to go home. As school started last year, a young man was killed after being stabbed to death near his Scarborough high school while on his lunch break.

School is supposed to be the next safest place for a child next to their home but it's sad to see that students now are actually walking into school with weapons. Note to Parents: Check your Kids Backpacks. As a parent I feel my son wouldn't do anything of the nature but at the end of the day your never know. I feel like we are really turning into the United States and I honestly wouldn't be shocked if I started to see metal detectors up on school grounds, Toronto is getting worse and worse everyday.