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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Toronto Man Charged in Connection with 2006 Shooting

A Toronto man was charged with first-degree murder Thursday in connection with a 2006 homicide. Jermaine Watson (pic on right), 18, (left) died from gunshot wounds to the abdomen after his ex-girlfriend and four unidentified men stormed into his penthouse apartment on Scarborough Golf Club Rd. on May 28.
Jacqueline Levesque (pic on left), then 19 (left) and mother of Watson's baby girl, surrendered to police within days and was charged with first-degree murder. Police believe she was angry Watson was in a new relationship and planned the attack, but was not the to pull the trigger.
Police couldn't say whether the accused charged today is one of the four men, but more details are expected to be released soon. Charged is Carrift Jones-Solomon, 24. He'll appear in court today.

Provided by The Toronto Star