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Friday, January 25, 2008

Court Case In Effect: Murder of Youhan Oraha - Closing Arguments

Closing arguments were given on January 23 in the death of Youhan Oraha. Charged are Evol Robinson, 22, Ruben Pinnock, 24, and Jahmar Welsh, 24. They have all pleaded not guilty to First Degree Murder.

The crown continues to argue that Youhan was killed in retaliation for the shooting death of Shemaul Cunningham. The prosecutor argued that Welsh who is being accused as one of the shooters ensured that Youhan saw his face as he gunned him down in a hail of bullets. Welsh wanted revenge and personal satisfaction as stated by the prosecutor.

Welsh was identified by Youhan's girlfriend who was with Youhan when he was murdered and information about the shooting was also provided to a cop who posed as a obeah man (witch doctor).

The defence will now present his closing arguments, the fait of these young men will soon be decided by a jury.