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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Gun Used in Many Crimes

In October 2005, A TTC driver was shot in the eye which has now left him blind in one eye.

While on his regular Morningside route he saw a boy running to catch the bus so he stopped and opened the door but that boy was actually running for his life. The bullet meant to kill this boy ended up hitting the driver in his eye.

Last week, the gun that was used was found by police. Today Malcolm Chalmers, only 21 was arrested for this incident. This gun has a severe past though, this gun has supposedly been used in 5 crimes.

Sept '06 - Gun found in home that was raided in the Lawrence/Orton Park area
Oct' 05 -TTC Driver Jaime Pereira Shot in Eye
Dec '03 -Kempton Edward Shot and Killed
Date Unavailable - Attempted shooting in Scarborough
Date Unavailable - Attempted shooting in Durham

Imagine one gun caused all of this.

Sad part is the gun was in Malcolm Chalmers possession although two people have already been convicted in the murder of Kempton Edward who was shot with this same gun.

The police realize that the gun may have changed many hands as you know these youth today. They pratically rob each other for weapons. Overall, this young man is innocent until proven guilty.