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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

R.I.P. Delane "Spooks" Daley

I seen this boy a couple of times, he stayed around where my mom lives. I said to myself what a handsome boy. Then in august I heard he was shot 4 times and badly wounded but he survived. When I heard he was fine I said "Praise the Lord". He was given a second chance on life. He knew the pain of a bullet so I said to myself he will do what's right to avoid it. But unfortunately he didn't learn. I assume he thought he was untouchable, I mean surviving 4 shots, that is something to brag about but is it? My little sister and brother were good friends with this man. He said to them that no one can chase him from his neighbourhood, he wasn't gonna stay away from the same area that he was shot in 3 months ago. November 25 2007 comes and this young man is shot and killed and now can no longer say no one can chase him out of his neigbourhood. I fail to understand these young men and their state of mind at times. I talked to a young boy the other day, only 19 years old and he carries a weapon and says that he knows he will die soon but he doesn't care but claims that whoever shoots him better make sure that they shoot him in the head and that he dies. I listened to him and was saddened. He has now accepted death and no longer values life. What is happening to this young society. If these young men don't value their life then why would they value anyone elses?