Rest in Peace - Photos Used are Only to Pay Respect to those no longer with us

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Mothers Killed by the Bullet

Livette Miller also know as Livette Moore was a mother of 4 aged 26. She was still coping with the loss of her husband who died of cancer. She didn't really care to have fun anymore as the man that she was married to was now dead, he too died at a young age but he died of cancer. Her girlfriends having been begging her over and over to go out and she would usually decline but this one time she decided she would go out and enjoy herself as she knew one day she would have to move on as her husband was not coming back. Unfortunately in 2005, Livette went to be with her husband in heaven. While clubbing Livette was shot several times in her head as two rival gangs decided to have it out in the club. That night 4 kids were orphaned as they no longer had mom or dad.

Champagne Lewis was only 25 and also had 4 kids. The news didn't talk about Champagne a lot. She was also killed by several bullets in that horrific year of the gun in 2005. She was found with several shots by her car in Scarborough. It's sad cause the news never talked about her or her family. Livette we knew about but Champagne was kind of in the air. We know nothing about her nor did we see family on TV discussing her.

Rachel Alleyne was 30 years old with 3 kids. She enjoyed playing dominoes and drinking in 2007 her life was taken away as at least 3-4 men came to the area outside where she was playing dominoes and began shooting up the backyard. She was shot several times in her stomach and unfortunately had no chance of surviving. 3 kids have lost their mom.

3 moms dead by a bullet. The killers for these women still remain on the street. 11 kids are no longer have their mom, most of them too young to understand what exactly did happen to their mothers.

Any of you out there that happen to be mothers and are reading this, have a talk with your children. If you in anyway suspect your son or daughter has any involvement with guns then you need to do something about. About 2 years ago I remember a woman searched her son's room and found a gun in it. This woman called the police and had her son arrested. Many people would say this woman is wicked and how could she do that to her own son but in actuality this woman probably saved her own son's life. If you suspect anything, then go search his or her room, you pay the bills, I don't see why you can't look and make sure these types of things are not in your own home. BE AWARE. Know what your son is doing and who is hanging out with. For all you know your son can be walking in the house after killing someone. If your son was arrested on gun charges then that means he's involved in gun activity. Pay attention. As parents we do have to work and provide for our child but we must also guide them. If you know your child is not working or not in school, then you need to know what exactly your child does in the day, help them find something to do. Listen to what people tell you and take it into consideration. Know what your child is doing at all times. It doesn't matter how old they are, you should always have an idea of the what, where, and who!

R.I.P. Livette, Champagne, and Rachel. My sympathy goes out to all of your children.