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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

I Love me a Thug Man?

I remember when I was young I used to always say there's just something sexy about a thug. I don't know if it was the full back caps, the baggy pants or the ignorant attitude portrayed by these young men but at times it was sexy. As I look back I say to myself why the hell was I attracted to that. I look at them now and say to myself, look at these punks, having to use a handgun to define them as a man. But today in society girls still think like I use to. They want that thug dude, they want that n*gga that's always in Jail to make collect calls to them, they want that man that carries a gun cause it can probably protect them, they want to walk the road with that man because he makes them feel proud.

Chantel Dunn was killed by a bullet that was originally meant for her boyfriend. Chantel fits the profile of the girl in love with a thug. These girls are usually quiet looking, shy, well educated and independent with their head on their soldiers. But did Chantal really want a thug? we don't know, probably her man wasn't even a thug but someone out there had it out for him and he knows who had it for him yet the killer of Chantel still remains at large.

I look at this beautiful young woman and say to myself that could have been me picking up my man or me picking up my brother. But I don't think Chantel knew. As smart as she was, I'm hoping she did not pick up a man that was into the violence. But we will never know. For now all we can hope is that she is resting in peace and that one day her killer is brought to justice.
I cannot stress the importance of young women to know who you decide to have relations with. Remember if you have a man that is okay with killing another man, he surely will have no problem killing you. If you decide to be around danger you put your life in jeopardy along with others around you. Be Careful!!