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Friday, November 30, 2007

Rewind: Jacqueline Levesque/Jermaine Watson

I don’t know if you all remember Jacqueline Levesque but she was what some would say was a woman scorned. Jacqueline in 2006 was a single mother of 1 daughter. She and her boyfriend Jermaine Watson broke up around December 2005 but looks like she couldn’t move on. Jermaine had moved on already as he now lived with his new girlfriend.. Reports from friends state that Jacqueline and Jermaine had a crazy relationship, but Jermaine always ensured that their daughter was well taken care of. (Look at her looking so sneaky in that first photograph).

Jacqueline still couldn’t get over Jermaine and if she couldn’t have him then nobody could. In May 2006, clearly Jacqueline did not care what may happen to her daughters future but she and 4 other armed men burst into the apartment Jermaine now shared with his new girl and one shotgun blast killed Jermaine. Jacqueline was smart enough to turn herself in less that a week later but the 4 men that were with her the day still have not been found and it looks like she didn’t talk.

The little baby is now without mommy and daddy and is in the care of the children’s aid society. This makes no sense. I fail to understand why people do not think before they do things. Clearly she’s young and didn’t have the common sense to realize what her actions may cause upon her child but come on. This young man was killed over nonsense. What kills me is the fact that she was able to talk 4 fools into following her to shoot this man, clearly these men have no regard for life like many of the gangsters out there. I hope she gets the time she deserves. If she does see the light of day at any point, how in the world do you make it up to your daughter and explain what happened? Oh yeah by the way honey “I killed daddy cause he didn’t love me anymore”. What a fool she is!!