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Friday, November 30, 2007

Rewind: Jacqueline Levesque/Jermaine Watson

I don’t know if you all remember Jacqueline Levesque but she was what some would say was a woman scorned. Jacqueline in 2006 was a single mother of 1 daughter. She and her boyfriend Jermaine Watson broke up around December 2005 but looks like she couldn’t move on. Jermaine had moved on already as he now lived with his new girlfriend.. Reports from friends state that Jacqueline and Jermaine had a crazy relationship, but Jermaine always ensured that their daughter was well taken care of. (Look at her looking so sneaky in that first photograph).

Jacqueline still couldn’t get over Jermaine and if she couldn’t have him then nobody could. In May 2006, clearly Jacqueline did not care what may happen to her daughters future but she and 4 other armed men burst into the apartment Jermaine now shared with his new girl and one shotgun blast killed Jermaine. Jacqueline was smart enough to turn herself in less that a week later but the 4 men that were with her the day still have not been found and it looks like she didn’t talk.

The little baby is now without mommy and daddy and is in the care of the children’s aid society. This makes no sense. I fail to understand why people do not think before they do things. Clearly she’s young and didn’t have the common sense to realize what her actions may cause upon her child but come on. This young man was killed over nonsense. What kills me is the fact that she was able to talk 4 fools into following her to shoot this man, clearly these men have no regard for life like many of the gangsters out there. I hope she gets the time she deserves. If she does see the light of day at any point, how in the world do you make it up to your daughter and explain what happened? Oh yeah by the way honey “I killed daddy cause he didn’t love me anymore”. What a fool she is!!


It was an act that could have resulted in a man's death. And cops allege that's exactly what it was supposed to do. You may remember the incident that took place on Remembrance Day. Bullets whizzed through the window of a home at Jane and Shoreham Drive that quiet Sunday, narrowly missing a man inside.
The victim was hit by shards of flying glass and suffered cuts to his face and head, but otherwise escaped unharmed. And if cops are right, he's lucky to be alive. They've now named a suspect they allege pulled that trigger and are waiting to charge him with attempted murder.
He's 20-year-old Curt Ketchinal John and he's on the run. Cops aren't sure where he is right now and are appealing to the public to help them find him. They're calling him armed and dangerous.
John is:
165 lbs.,
Slim build,
Short black hair,
Thick eyebrows
Authorities think he still has a weapon so they're advising you not to approach him. But if you think you know where he is, call 911 or Crime Stoppers anonymously at (416) 222-TIPS.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Suspect in Mornelle Apt Murder Surrenders

This is good. Men fessing up to their crimes is a start.

Thursday November 29, 2007

Police have now made an arrest in the city's fifth murder in less than a week. And they didn't have to go far to find their suspect. He came straight to them. Kwabena Sarfo Duah turned himself into police Thursday afternoon, after authorities were called to 90 Mornelle Court near Morningside and Ellesmere the day before.
That's where they found the body of 27-year-old Shaun Williams on the seventh floor of the complex. An autopsy shows he'd been shot to death.
The 19-year-old and his lawyers were both present as he was put into handcuffs and led away for questioning by homicide detectives. He's facing second-degree murder charges. There's no word yet on what might have sparked the violence.
The city is bracing to pass the murder rate for the infamous Year of the Gun back in 2005. So far, there have been 79 murders in Toronto. The 365-day period that ended with the Boxing Day shooting of Jane Creba claimed 80 lives. And there's still a month left to go in 2007.
Duah will make his first court appearance in Scarborough on Friday morning.

Mothers Killed by the Bullet

Livette Miller also know as Livette Moore was a mother of 4 aged 26. She was still coping with the loss of her husband who died of cancer. She didn't really care to have fun anymore as the man that she was married to was now dead, he too died at a young age but he died of cancer. Her girlfriends having been begging her over and over to go out and she would usually decline but this one time she decided she would go out and enjoy herself as she knew one day she would have to move on as her husband was not coming back. Unfortunately in 2005, Livette went to be with her husband in heaven. While clubbing Livette was shot several times in her head as two rival gangs decided to have it out in the club. That night 4 kids were orphaned as they no longer had mom or dad.

Champagne Lewis was only 25 and also had 4 kids. The news didn't talk about Champagne a lot. She was also killed by several bullets in that horrific year of the gun in 2005. She was found with several shots by her car in Scarborough. It's sad cause the news never talked about her or her family. Livette we knew about but Champagne was kind of in the air. We know nothing about her nor did we see family on TV discussing her.

Rachel Alleyne was 30 years old with 3 kids. She enjoyed playing dominoes and drinking in 2007 her life was taken away as at least 3-4 men came to the area outside where she was playing dominoes and began shooting up the backyard. She was shot several times in her stomach and unfortunately had no chance of surviving. 3 kids have lost their mom.

3 moms dead by a bullet. The killers for these women still remain on the street. 11 kids are no longer have their mom, most of them too young to understand what exactly did happen to their mothers.

Any of you out there that happen to be mothers and are reading this, have a talk with your children. If you in anyway suspect your son or daughter has any involvement with guns then you need to do something about. About 2 years ago I remember a woman searched her son's room and found a gun in it. This woman called the police and had her son arrested. Many people would say this woman is wicked and how could she do that to her own son but in actuality this woman probably saved her own son's life. If you suspect anything, then go search his or her room, you pay the bills, I don't see why you can't look and make sure these types of things are not in your own home. BE AWARE. Know what your son is doing and who is hanging out with. For all you know your son can be walking in the house after killing someone. If your son was arrested on gun charges then that means he's involved in gun activity. Pay attention. As parents we do have to work and provide for our child but we must also guide them. If you know your child is not working or not in school, then you need to know what exactly your child does in the day, help them find something to do. Listen to what people tell you and take it into consideration. Know what your child is doing at all times. It doesn't matter how old they are, you should always have an idea of the what, where, and who!

R.I.P. Livette, Champagne, and Rachel. My sympathy goes out to all of your children.

Case Closed: Jason Huxtable Murder Trial, Teen Acquitted!

Jason Huxtable, only 18 at the time was killed in August 2005. The youth that was 15 at the time and charged for the murder recently stood trial. In the end one family would be disappointed and in the end the family that was left crying out of the courtroom was of the young man that was killed. Jason Huxtable's supposed killer was let loose and found not guilty.

It was said that Jason a good looking, hard working charasmatic young boy who often attended church was not tied to any gangs or any type of bad activity. Supposedly the 15 year that killed him did not want Jason around his sister.

Witnesses gave statements stating they saw the young boy running with a gun and even rumours were swirling around the jane/finch community stating that his sister also at one point argued with her brother for killing her boyfriend but again it's only rumours. The young boy stated he did not shoot Jason but he did see the shooting but fears that him and his family will be in danger if he says anything. Where's the witness protection officers?

I don't know what to believe. I won't speculate on it either but I hope if this young boy did commit this crime that he has at least a little bit of remorse in his heart and although sin may overshadow him, God does forgive and hopefully he sees that he was given a second chance at life, but unfortunately Jason wasn't.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Another Shooting!

Man fatally shot at northeast apartment complex
Nov 28, 2007 07:53 PM Josh Wingrove Staff reporter

A person was shot and killed in the city's northeast end Wednesday, the latest in a recent spate of gun killings in Toronto.
Police were called to a shooting in an apartment complex on Mornelle Ct., in the Ellesmere Rd. and Morningside Ave. area, around 3:20 p.m., Toronto police Staff Sgt. Ted Cook said. The Homicide Squad was called to attend.
At least one man was seen running from the building shortly after, witnesses told police. Emergency Task Force officers closed off the building for two hours while searching for a suspect.
Toronto ambulance officials said the man died on scene. No information about the victim, including sex or age, was immediately available.
Anyone with information is asked to call police at 416-808-4300 or Crime Stoppers anonymously at 1-800-222-TIPS (8477).
There were four killings last weekend, including three shooting deaths, two of which were connected. Wednesday's slaying is likely to be the city's 79th homicide of the year, one more than all of 2005 – the year of the gun.

Discussion: Would you Snitch?

If you saw a crime, would you provide information to help the killer get caught?

What if the individual that committed the crime was family?

Add your comments.

Good Read: Violent Crime in Toronto

The following was pulled from It's pretty long but it goes to show that there is a little too many shootings in the city of toronto. Guns are a big plague to this city now. Click and Read!!

I Love me a Thug Man?

I remember when I was young I used to always say there's just something sexy about a thug. I don't know if it was the full back caps, the baggy pants or the ignorant attitude portrayed by these young men but at times it was sexy. As I look back I say to myself why the hell was I attracted to that. I look at them now and say to myself, look at these punks, having to use a handgun to define them as a man. But today in society girls still think like I use to. They want that thug dude, they want that n*gga that's always in Jail to make collect calls to them, they want that man that carries a gun cause it can probably protect them, they want to walk the road with that man because he makes them feel proud.

Chantel Dunn was killed by a bullet that was originally meant for her boyfriend. Chantel fits the profile of the girl in love with a thug. These girls are usually quiet looking, shy, well educated and independent with their head on their soldiers. But did Chantal really want a thug? we don't know, probably her man wasn't even a thug but someone out there had it out for him and he knows who had it for him yet the killer of Chantel still remains at large.

I look at this beautiful young woman and say to myself that could have been me picking up my man or me picking up my brother. But I don't think Chantel knew. As smart as she was, I'm hoping she did not pick up a man that was into the violence. But we will never know. For now all we can hope is that she is resting in peace and that one day her killer is brought to justice.
I cannot stress the importance of young women to know who you decide to have relations with. Remember if you have a man that is okay with killing another man, he surely will have no problem killing you. If you decide to be around danger you put your life in jeopardy along with others around you. Be Careful!!

Rewind to 2002: A Mother Weeps Twice

2002 was a very nasty year. The photos you see are of Chemere and Yannick Roache. Both Yannick and Chemere were killed by the gun violence that continues to plague the black community.

Chemere supposedly was exiting a club with her boyfriend and supposedly her boyfriend and another man had beef. The man began repeatedly shooting as Chemere and her boyfriend tried to drive off. Yannick was killed right in front of his building as he exited a taxicab. His daughter and girlfriend witnessed it all.

As a mother how do you cope with losing two children within one year. I can't imagine the pain that the mother of these young children suffered seeing her children both buried due to shootings. This is not normal. Parents sit there and hope the best for their kids, no parent in the world expects their child to die before they do but unfortunately this is now normal in the black community. Black men especially are dying in their prime and way before their parents.

The killings that continue to go on are unnecessary. Mothers, Fathers, Sister, Brothers, Uncles, Aunts friends are continuously mourning over and over for these young men that continue to go to their graves. it must stop, I'm tired of seeing the families mourn. Rest in peace Chemere and Yannick.

R.I.P. Kennado Walker and Ryan Hyde

In a weird twist of events. Kennado Walker located on the left hand side killed the individual you see in picture on the right hand side (Ryan Hyde). Ryan was waiting in his car for his pizza and Kennado supposedly snuck up from behind, opened Ryan's car door and shot Ryan to death. Less that 7 hours later, Kennado who had just finished killing Ryan was shot in the head and killed. This honestly sounds like a movie. So now we got Ryan's Killer but who killed Kennado? There is no real details on the lifestyle that both these individuals lived but the media of course is having a field day with this story. First part is they're part of a gang and blah blah blah. But what happened here? We lost 2 young black men within 8 hours in this small city.

R.I.P. Delane "Spooks" Daley

I seen this boy a couple of times, he stayed around where my mom lives. I said to myself what a handsome boy. Then in august I heard he was shot 4 times and badly wounded but he survived. When I heard he was fine I said "Praise the Lord". He was given a second chance on life. He knew the pain of a bullet so I said to myself he will do what's right to avoid it. But unfortunately he didn't learn. I assume he thought he was untouchable, I mean surviving 4 shots, that is something to brag about but is it? My little sister and brother were good friends with this man. He said to them that no one can chase him from his neighbourhood, he wasn't gonna stay away from the same area that he was shot in 3 months ago. November 25 2007 comes and this young man is shot and killed and now can no longer say no one can chase him out of his neigbourhood. I fail to understand these young men and their state of mind at times. I talked to a young boy the other day, only 19 years old and he carries a weapon and says that he knows he will die soon but he doesn't care but claims that whoever shoots him better make sure that they shoot him in the head and that he dies. I listened to him and was saddened. He has now accepted death and no longer values life. What is happening to this young society. If these young men don't value their life then why would they value anyone elses?

List of Shootings in 2007

Toronto is at 79 murders for the year. These 79 murders consist mainly of young black youth. The following is the original list provided by city tv.

List Of Shootings In 2007
Monday November 26, 2007 Staff
It was just 12 hours after the last New Year's revelers went to bed that homicide detectives were back at work probing the first murder of 2007. Little did they know it would be one of 38 gun-related homicides that would keep them busy well into November.
Shooting #1: Jan. 1, 2007
Homicide #1 of 2007 involved the last person anyone would think of as being a candidate for a killing. Jean Springer, a woman known to her Markham and Sheppard Ave. family as "Auntie Jean" answered the door at her Snowball Cres. home, to find a man standing on the stoop. He reportedly said "Happy New Year" then pulled the trigger. A suspect was arrested the next day.
Shooting #2: Jan. 2, 2007
Cops allege a transaction between drug dealers goes wrong near Eglinton and Don Mills, leaving 23-year-old Jeffery Watson dead. A 25-year-old suspect surrenders in February.
Shooting #3: Jan. 4, 2007:
Passersby find the body of 23-year-old Patrick Barrera in McDairmid Woods Park. It's at first deemed suspicious and is later classified as a homicide after forensic results show the victim died of gunshot wounds.
Shooting #4: Feb. 4, 2007:
The latest gunshot victim is also one of the youngest. Seventeen-year-old Kemar Long-Thompson is gunned down at 53 Scarborough Heights Blvd. A 14-year-old young offender surrenders the next month.
Shooting #5: March 15, 2007:
A stunned roommate returns to 10 Jayzel Drive in the Finch and Weston Road area on March 15th to find his roommate dead from gunshot wounds. Lincoln Thomas was 40. There's been no arrest. It's homicide number nine and the 5th shooting of the year.
Shooting #6: March 17, 2006:
The next one comes just two days later at a birthday party at a business in the Oakwood and Vaughan area. The victim: 32-year-old Christopher Holder.
Shooting #7: April 4, 2007:
Paramedics responding to a call find 29-year-old Tito Benjamin lying dead in an apartment above a store at Parliament and Wellesley. Cops admit they don't have a lead to go on and the case remains open.
Shooting #8: April 5, 2007:
Eighteen-year-old Jeremy Paul is gunned down in a drive-by shooting, just metres from Burnhamthorpe Collegiate, at a school for adults on East Mall in Etobicoke. A 20-year-old male stands accused of 2nd degree murder.
Shooting #9: April 12, 2007:
One of the most troubling murders of the year happens in one of the most unlikely places: onboard a subway train. Thirty-year-old Bradley Frank is found in a deserted TTC car at the Victoria Park station as crews come to clean up after service ends for the night. A suspect is caught on video and police later release the tape. It pays off with the arrest of a 22-year-old man two months later.
Shooting #10: April 21, 2007:
Cops are incensed as 24-year-old Kirk Richards of Mississauga is left to die after being gunned down outside a busy Dufferin and Wilson area club. Many saw what happened. Almost no one talks.
Shooting #11: May 9, 2007
A man is found inside an alleged marijuana grow op house suffering from bullet wounds. He later succumbs in hospital. A 32-year-old male is charged with manslaughter.
Shooting #12: May 18, 2007
A case that took the entire city by surprise involves a philanthropic 66-year-old named Glen Davis. He was seen going into a building 245 Eglinton Ave. E. but was ambushed by someone in the parking lot as he came out. By the time police arrived, he was dead from gunshot wounds. The suspect cops believe committed the deed was caught on video surveillance, but so far, he remains unidentified - and so does the motive, although detectives seem sure he was deliberately targeted.
Shooting #13: May 21, 12007
Forty-year-old Mark Smith dies during a drive-by shooting on Weston Rd. A 37-year-old female companion inside the vehicle is injured but survives. There have been no arrests.
Shooting #14: May 23, 2007:
It is the shooting that leaves all of the city shaking its collective head wondering what is going on. Jordan Manners, a 15-year-old student at C.W. Jefferys C.I., is found shot to death in the hallway of the school. A long lockdown and a search for weapons follow. Two young offenders, both aged 17 and said to be friends of the victim, are arrested. Both are facing first degree murder charges.
Shooting #15: May 20, 2007
It's Victoria Day, but death takes no holiday. Nineteen-year-old Yonathan Musse is gunned down in a laneway off of Bathurst and Queen. He dies in hospital four days later. Despite appeals for witnesses, police are greeted only with silence.
Shooting #16: June 9, 2007
Jose Seaz is killed and three of his friends are wounded in a drive-by near John Garland Blvd. and Jamestown Crescent. Two men in their 20s are accused of first degree murder and attempted murder.
Shootings #17 & #18: July 4, 2007
The first deadly double shooting of the year comes just three days after Canada Day. Charles Clifford, 43 and Shawn Day, 33, are both gunned down near Kingston Rd. and Sheppard Ave. A 16-year-old young offender surrenders five days later.
Shooting #19: July 13, 2007
Police find 23-year-old Ricardo Francis lying on a lawn at a housing complex near Lawrence and the Allen. Many residents saw what happened, but few come forward and the case remains unsolved.
Shooting #20: July 21, 2007
Kimel Foster was just 21 when he went to an Oakwood and Vaughan bar with friends. An argument broke out and when it was over, the young man was dead and three others were wounded. No arrests yet.
Shooting #21: July 22, 2007
A shooting that outraged the entire city involved the youngest victim of all - 11-year-old Ephraim Brown. It's believed he was playing outside his home at 1880 Sheppard Ave. West when he got caught between two warring gangs. Two 21-year-olds are facing first degree murder charges.
Shooting #22: July 22, 2007
A violent night continues with the shooting of 31-year-old Shawn James in St. Jamestown. Three people, including a 16-year-old young offender and a 23-year-old woman, are all facing charges.
Shooting #23: July 22, 2007
The third victim of the night is 24-year-old Amin Aafi. He was hit outside the Flirt Lounge near Adelaide and Duncan early in the morning. Despite a review of security video in the area, the case remains unsolved.
Shooting #24: July 25, 2007
The body of 25-year-old Michael George is discovered at Wilcox Creek Pathway near Morningside and Finch. His family is baffled as to why anyone would shoot him four times, noting he was never involved in any gang activity. His murder case is still open.
Shooting #25: July 30, 2007
One of the more intriguing cases from the year involved not just what was seen but what was heard. Toronto Police released audio tape of a garbled cell phone conversation between Munit Walia and someone named "Blanks." The 27-year-old was gunned down in his car as he was waiting for his girlfriend outside a local daycare centre near Martin Grove and John Garland Blvd.
Shooting #26: August 2, 2007
Nineteen-year-old Kevon Hall is found shot to death in a Regent Park housing complex. Despite the fact the murder happened in broad daylight - around 1pm - no one claims to have seen anything.
Shooting #27 August 16, 2007
Patrick Doan Lim is discovered in an apartment lobby on Jane St. without vital signs. Cops later determine he was shot to death.
Shootings#28 & #29: Sept. 19, 2007
Toronto's most poignant double shooting comes from a gun wielded by a desperate man. Dying from cancer, 60-year-old Percy Grupstein kills his ailing 84-year-old mother Sarah in a College Park condo then turns the gun on himself. He leaves a note explaining he was worried no one could properly look after her.
Shooting #30: Oct. 6, 2007
Otis Rogers, 27, meets his end on the 12th floor of a Woolner Ave. apartment building. Cops arrest a 23-year-old man, charging Kendal Polius with first degree murder.
Shooting #31: Oct. 8, 2007:
A tragic irony marks the shooting of 18-year-old Keegan Allen. He's at an anti-violence rally on St. Clair Ave. W. on Thanksgiving night when he's gunned down. No arrests have been made.
Shooting #32: Oct. 9, 2007
An alleged gunfight behind a Driftwood Ave. townhouse leaves 30-year-old Rachel Alleyne dead and three others wounded. No one has been arrested.
Shooting #33: Oct. 14-16th
Cops aren't sure just when what appears to be a domestic related murder-attempted suicide happened. All they can be sure of is an 81-year-old woman is dead and her 83-year-old husband is believed to have pulled the trigger. Despite initial reports that the older man died, he survives and is being charged with her murder. The motive is unknown.
Shooting #34: Oct. 21, 2007
An eerie echo of one of the city's most notorious cases resurfaces, with the murder of 21-year-old Eric Boateng. Once tied to the group suspected of killing Jane Creba in 2005, he's also gunned down after visiting an inmate in the Don Jail. Suspects are seen fleeing the area and remain at large.
Shooting #35: Oct. 27, 2007
This shooting begins with a double mystery - why was 20-year-old Jaime Hylton gunned down in an apartment building at 5005 Dundas St. W. and what happened to the couple that was living there? Cops later heard from them and were told they didn't want to talk to police.
Shooting #36: Nov. 6, 2007:
Dwayne Campbell was just 27 when he was shot to death at 285 Shuter St. He was getting off an elevator when he was ambushed.
Shootings # 37 & 38: Nov 23, 2007:
A long weekend for homicide detectives begins with the discovery of a man shot to death in a car at Birchmount and Bonis Ave. E. Ryan Hyde was just 19 when he was hit. Later that night, cops are called to an underground garage at 5600 Sheppard Ave. E. where 25-year-old Kennado Walker is discovered dead from gunshot wounds. Cops believe he killed the first victim, but don't know who turned the gun on him.