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Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year

Wishing everyone a safe 2008. I pray for the violence to end. I pray for my brothers and sisters to all be safe. I pray for everyone to think before doing something stupid. I pray that young black men come together and realize that more can be accomplished if they work together. I pray hard for a safe Toronto. I hope to post less articles on murder vicitims in 2008. Parents talk more to your kids this year. It helps. Wishing you all the best, thank you for those of you that come on board to visit the site. STAY SAFE!

Black Murder Victims of 2007

This is most of the black individuals that died in the year 2007. May God rest their soul.

Murder 2007: The Grim List

2007 was a sad year, many people were killed this year and many of these people were black individuals.

No one would have expected that 2007 would have been worse than the so-called "Year of the Gun." But with just days left in December, we've already surpassed that terrible murder record of 2005 with 84 homicides. Here's a look back at all those who lost their lives to needless violence.

Murder #1: Jan. 1, 2007
Homicide #1 of 2007 involved the last person anyone would think of as being a candidate for a killing. Jean Springer, a woman known to her Markham and Sheppard Ave. family as "Auntie Jean" answered the door at her Snowball Cres. home, to find a man standing on the stoop. He reportedly said "Happy New Year" then pulled the trigger. A suspect was arrested the next day.
Murder #2: Jan. 2, 2007
Cops allege a transaction between drug dealers goes wrong near Eglinton and Don Mills, leaving 23-year-old Jeffery Watson dead. A 25-year-old suspect surrenders in February.

Murder #3: Jan. 11, 2007

Atiq Chowdhury is found gag and suffocated in his apartment at 1818 Weston Road. No one has been charged.

Murder #4: Jan. 14, 2007
Passersby find the body of 23-year-old Patrick Barrera in McDairmid Woods Park. It's at first deemed suspicious and is later classified as a homicide after forensic results show the victim died of gunshot wounds.

Murder #5, 2007: Jan. 20, 2007
A domestic leads to the fatal stabbing of a 36-year-old woman at a home on Northumberland Ave. A 42-year-old man later takes his own life.

Murder #6: Feb. 4, 2007
The latest gunshot victim is also one of the youngest. Seventeen-year-old Kemar Long-Thompson is gunned down at 53 Scarborough Heights Blvd. A 14-year-old young offender surrenders the next month.

Murder #7: Feb. 14, 2007
Lewis Alexander, just 18, is found stabbed to death at 160 Chalkfarm Drive.

Murder #8: March 9, 2007
Seventeen-year-old Rafi Quaderi is stabbed to death at the Beaver and Firkin Pub in Scarborough. A 20 year-old is charged with first degree murder.

Murder #9: March 15, 2007:
A stunned roommate returns to 10 Jayzel Drive in the Finch and Weston Road area on March 15th to find his roommate dead from gunshot wounds. Lincoln Thomas was 40. There's been no arrest. It's homicide number nine and the 5th shooting of the year.

Murder #10: March 17, 2006
The next one comes just two days later at a birthday party at a business in the Oakwood and Vaughan area. The victim: 32-year-old Christopher Holder.
Murder #11: March 28, 2007
A 32-year-old female is found stabbed to death at 35 Finch Ave. E. A man two years her senior is charged in what cops called a domestic case.

Murder #12: April 2, 2007
Allen Benn is discovered dead at 40 Turf Grassway in the Jane-Finch area. The 18-year-old was stabbed to death. Four people - two 18-year-olds and a pair of 16-year-old young offenders - are charged.

Murder #13: April 4, 2007
Paramedics responding to a call find 29-year-old Tito Benjamin lying dead in an apartment above a store at Parliament and Wellesley. Cops admit they don't have a lead to go on and the case remains open.

Murder #14: April 5, 2007:
Eighteen-year-old Jeremy Paul is gunned down in a drive-by shooting, just metres from Burnhamthorpe Collegiate, at a school for adults on East Mall in Etobicoke. A 20-year-old male stands accused of 2nd degree murder.

Murder #15: April 6, 2007
Cops rush to 65 Greenbrae Circuit in the Markham Road and Lawrence area to find 44-year-old Gerard Telesford beaten to death. Hounded by a crush of publicity and security camera video, a 33-year-old turns himself in several days later.

Murder #16: April 9, 2007
A young offender is held after 20-year-old Jeffery Delgado is found stabbed to death behind a Stabucks near Bathurst and Sheppard.

Murder #9: April 12, 2007
Thirty-four-year-old Bradley Frank is found near the second floor elevator at 1340 Danforth Road. He'd been shot to death. A 22-year-old is charged with first-degree murder.

Murder #18: April 13, 2007
One of the most troubling murders of the year happens in one of the most unlikely places: onboard a subway train. Twenty-one-year-old Nick Brown is found stabbed to death in a deserted TTC car at the Victoria Park station as crews come to clean up after service ends for the night. A suspect is caught on video and police later release the tape. It pays off with the arrest of a 26-year-old man about a week later.

Murder #19: April 21, 2007:
Cops are incensed as 24-year-old Kirk Richards of Mississauga is left to die after being gunned down outside a busy Dufferin and Wilson area club. Many saw what happened. Almost no one talks.

Murder #20: April 22, 2007
Jordon Ormonde is stabbed during a confrontation at the Kokkino Bar on Danforth Ave. He dies the next day. A 32-year-old faces first-degree murder charges.

Murder #21: April 29, 2007
Homeless woman Bly Markis is found stabbed to death in the stairwell of the Xerox building at 33 Bloor St. W. A manhunt based on security video turns up a 21-year-old suspect soon after.

Murder #22: May 9, 2007
A man is found inside an alleged marijuana grow-op house suffering from bullet wounds. He later succumbs in hospital. A 32-year-old male is charged with manslaughter.

Murder #23: May 14, 2007
Felice Bonadonna is beaten to death in his home at 7 Arcot Blvd. in the Albion-401 area. In a turn of events that shocked the neighbourhood, his 38-year-old son is accused of killing him with a hammer.

Murder #24: May 18, 2007
A case that took the entire city by surprise involves a philanthropic 66-year-old named Glen Davis. He was seen going into a building at 245 Eglinton Ave. E. but was ambushed by someone in the parking lot as he came out. By the time police arrived, he was dead from gunshot wounds. The suspect cops believe committed the deed was caught on video surveillance, but so far, he remains unidentified - and so does the motive, although detectives seem sure he was deliberately targeted.

Murder #25: May 21, 12007
Forty-year-old Mark Smith dies during a drive-by shooting on Weston Rd. A 37-year-old female companion inside the vehicle is injured but survives. There have been no arrests.

Murder #26: May 23, 2007
It is the shooting that leaves the city shaking its collective head wondering what is going on. Jordan Manners, a 15-year-old student at C.W. Jefferys C.I., is found shot to death in the hallway of the school. A long lockdown and a search for weapons follow. Two young offenders, both aged 17 and said to be friends of the victim, are arrested. Both are facing first degree murder charges.

Murder #27: May 20, 2007
It's Victoria Day, but death takes no holiday. Nineteen-year-old Yonathan Musse is gunned down in a laneway off of Bathurst and Queen. He dies in hospital four days later. Despite appeals for witnesses, police are greeted only with silence.

Murder #28: May 30, 2007
Paul Prevost is found beaten to death in his Coxwell Ave. apartment. His 31-year-old nephew is charged in the shocking attack.

Murder #29: June 5, 2007
Forty-one-year-old Julian Hinckson is found stabbed at Leslie St. GO station. The crime remains unsolved.

Murder #30: June 9, 2007
Jose Seaz is killed and three of his friends are wounded in a drive-by near John Garland Blvd. and Jamestown Crescent. Two men in their 20s are accused of first degree murder and attempted murder.

Murder #31: June 11, 2006
A crime that actually occurred on May 30th is deemed a homicide in June, after police decide 45-year-old Igor Pavliv was beaten to death outside of 280 Spadina Ave. A 41-year-old is charged in the killing.

Murder #32: June 17, 2007
A rare vehicular homicide sees 20-year-old Daryl Sabado struck down on McRoberts Ave. He was at a barbeque when a fight raged out of control and cops allege his enraged opponent got into his car and deliberately ran him over. A 23-year-old is charged.

Murder #33: June 19, 2007
A tragic confrontation at the Seven Oaks Nursing Home on Neilson Road results in the beating death of 79-year-old Norman Crabtree. A 69-year-old resident is accused but no charges are ever filed after he's found not fit to stand trial.

Murders #34 & 35: June 25, 2007
A double murder-suicide on Knowles Dr. near Morningside and Old Finch results in the death of two women, one 77, the other 43. A 13-year-old girl is also injured. The man police say stabbed them all is the husband and step-father, who takes his own life.

Murder #36: June 29, 2007
A 52-year-old named Denna Smith is stabbed to death at 446 Dundas St. E. A 47-year-old man is charged.

Murders #37 & 38: July 4, 2007
The first deadly double shooting of the year comes just three days after Canada Day. Charles Clifford, 43 and Shawn Day, 33, are both gunned down near Kingston Rd. and Sheppard Ave. A 16-year-old young offender surrenders five days later.
Murder #39: July 7, 2007
Police say Ajiganth Mahalingham was stabbed to death in an apartment at 4301 Kingston Road. A 28-year-old is charged with first-degree murder.

Murder #40: July 13, 2007
Police find 23-year-old Ricardo Francis lying on a lawn at a housing complex near Lawrence and the Allen. Many residents saw what happened, but few come forward and the case remains unsolved.

Murder #41: July 17, 2007
Abdul Qadiri dies of stab wounds at 50 Tuxedo Court. A 20-year-old man believed responsible takes his own life.

Murder #42: July 21, 2007
Kimel Foster was just 21 when he went to an Oakwood and Vaughan bar with friends. An argument broke out and when it was over, the young man was dead and three others were wounded. No arrests yet.

Murder #43: July 22, 2007
A shooting that outraged the entire city involved 11-year-old Ephraim Brown. It's believed he was playing outside his home at 1880 Sheppard Ave. West when he got caught between two warring gangs. Two 21-year-olds are facing first degree murder charges.

Murder #44: July 22, 2007
A violent night continues with the shooting of 31-year-old Shawn James in St. Jamestown. Three people, including a 16-year-old young offender and a 23-year-old woman, are all facing charges.

Murder #45: July 22, 2007
The third victim of the night is 24-year-old Amin Aafi. He was hit outside the Flirt Lounge near Adelaide and Duncan early in the morning. Despite a review of security video in the area, the case remains unsolved.

Murder #46: July 25, 2007
The body of 25-year-old Michael George is discovered at Wilcox Creek Pathway near Morningside and Finch. His family is baffled as to why anyone would shoot him four times, noting he was never involved in any gang activity. His murder case is still open.

Murder #47: July 28, 2007
Forty-two-year-old Luciano Petrocelli is beaten to death at the corner of Dundas and Keele. The case remains unsolved.

Murder #48: July 30, 2007
One of the more intriguing cases from the year involved not just what was seen but what was heard. Toronto Police released audio tape of a garbled cell phone conversation between Munit Walia and someone named "Blanks." The 27-year-old was gunned down in his car as he was waiting for his girlfriend outside a local daycare centre near Martin Grove and John Garland Blvd.

Murder #49: July 30, 2007
Tyler McGill, 22, dies after being stabbed the day before at a McDonald's drive-thru on Eglinton Ave. E. A father and son, one 45, the other just 19, are charged.

Murder #50: August 2, 2007
Nineteen-year-old Kevon Hall is found shot to death in a Regent Park housing complex. Despite the fact the murder happened in broad daylight - around 1pm - no one claims to have seen anything.

Murder #51, 2007: August 2, 2007
The infamous panhandling murder reignites the debate on begging on the streets, after 32-year-old Ross Hammond is stabbed to death at Queen and Niagara Sts. after allegedly refusing to give change to a number of street people. A group of Americans are among those on the scene, but only 21-year-old Nicole Kish, a Canadian, is charged with second-degree murder.

Murder #52: August 8, 2007
Engin Yilmaz is found stabbed to death in a parking lot at 6 Milepost Place, near Thorncliffe Park and Overlea. Cops accuse a 35-year-old of wielding the weapon.

Murder #53: August 8, 2007
That same night Sharmarke Handouleh suffers fatal knife wounds in a park near the East Mall and Bloor. His attacker remains at large.

Murder #54: August 25, 2007
Russell Hoffman, 35, is fatally stabbed outside of 41 Pharmacy Ave. Two men surrender two days later.

Murder #55: August 25, 2007
A woman dies three days after allegedly being pushed from a speeding vehicle and suffering blunt force trauma to the head on Eglinton Ave. E. Cops call it a domestic dispute gone wrong and charge a 38-year-old male with manslaughter.

Murder #56: August 31, 2007
The city's second-youngest murder victim is just 3 years old. Cops arrest the 32-year-old mother of Keayanna Chambers after she's found choked to death in her Midland and Finch home.

Murder #57: Sept. 11, 2007
Dineshkumar Murigiah is just 16 when he's found stabbed to death in a laneway near Winston Churchill C.I. His murder remains unsolved.
Murder #58: Sept. 13, 2007
John Mark Tucker succumbs to the injuries he suffered in a beating on Lauder Ave. four days earlier. A 60-year-old man is charged.

Murder #59: Sept. 13, 2007
Patrick Doan Lim is discovered in an apartment lobby on Jane St. without vital signs on August 16th. Cops later determine he was shot to death. He dies a month later in hospital.

Murder #60: Sept. 13, 2007
An unthinkable crime sees 22-year-old Melissa Alexandra arrested for allegedly scalding her 18-month-old son Miguel Fernandes. The child dies a day later.

Murder #61: Sept. 19, 2007
Toronto's most poignant double shooting comes from a gun wielded by a desperate man. Dying from cancer, 60-year-old Percy Grupstein kills his ailing 84-year-old mother Sarah in a College Park condo then turns the gun on himself. He leaves a note explaining he was worried no one could properly look after her.

Murder #62: Sept. 25, 2007
A domestic murder-suicide takes the life of a 26-year-old woman on Graydon Hall Drive. A 30-year-old man dies by his own hand.

Murder #63: Sept. 28, 2007
The body of a man is found inside a car parked at 2999 Jane St. Richard Gyamfi was just 19 when he was gunned down. The case is still unsolved.

Murder #64: Oct. 2, 2007
Cops rush to Whitburn Cres. to find a 25-year-old woman dead from stab wounds. Her 29-year-old common-law husband is charged.

Murder #65: Oct. 6, 2007
Otis Rogers, 27, meets his end on the 12th floor of a Woolner Ave. apartment building. Cops arrest a 23-year-old man, charging Kendal Polius with first degree murder.

Murder #66: Oct. 8, 2007
A tragic irony marks the shooting of 18-year-old Keegan Allen. He's at an anti-violence rally on St. Clair Ave. W. on Thanksgiving night when he's gunned down. No arrests have been made.

Murder #67: Oct. 9, 2007
An alleged gunfight behind a Driftwood Ave. townhouse leaves 30-year-old Rachel Alleyne dead and three others wounded. No one has been arrested.

Murder #68: Oct. 14-16, 2007
Cops aren't sure just when what appears to be a domestic related murder-attempted suicide happened. All they can be sure of is an 81-year-old woman is dead and her 83-year-old husband is believed to have pulled the trigger. Despite initial reports that the older man died, he survives and is being charged with her murder. The motive is unknown.

Murder #69: Oct. 18, 2007
Eight-year-old Megan Wilde is strangled to death in her home. Cops accuse her 36-year-old father in the terrible crime.

Murder #70: Oct. 21, 2007
An eerie echo of one of the city's most notorious cases resurfaces, with the murder of 21-year-old Eric Boateng. Once tied to the group suspected of killing Jane Creba in 2005, he's also gunned down after visiting an inmate in the Don Jail. Suspects are seen fleeing the area and remain at large.

Murder #71: Oct. 27, 2007
This shooting begins with a double mystery - why was 20-year-old Jaime Hylton gunned down in an apartment building at 5005 Dundas St. W. and what happened to the couple that was living there? Cops later heard from them and were told they didn't want to talk to police.

Murder #72: Oct. 31, 2007
Cops determine a 25-year-old woman found dead at 146 Presley Ave. more than a month earlier was strangled. A 35-year-old man is charged in the domestic case.

Murder #73: Nov. 3, 2007
Christopher O'Neill, 23, is found stabbed to death at 10 Eddystone Ave. and a teen is injured. Cops at first believe the victim was shot, but an autopsy rules otherwise. No one has been caught.

Murder #74: Nov. 6, 2007
Dwayne Campbell was just 27 when he was shot to death at 285 Shuter St. He was getting off an elevator when he was ambushed.

Murders # 75 & 76: Nov 23, 2007
A long weekend for homicide detectives begins with the discovery of a man shot to death in a car at Birchmount and Bonis Ave. E. Ryan Hyde was just 19 when he was hit. Later that night, cops are called to an underground garage at 5600 Sheppard Ave. E. where 25-year-old Kennado Walker is discovered dead from gunshot wounds. Cops believe he killed the first victim, but don't know who turned the gun on him.

Murder #77: Nov. 23, 2007
A violent night continues with the stabbing death of 35-year-old Darryl James Debassige on the 3rd floor of an O'Connor Dr. address. A 25-year-old is arrested several weeks later.

Murder #78: Nov. 25, 2007
Delane Daley dies in a hail of gunfire on Driftwood Ave. Four men are seen running from the complex, but no one is arrested.

Murder #79: Nov. 29, 2007
Twenty-seven-year-old Shaun Williams is found shot to death on the 7th floor of 90 Mornelle Ct. Kwabena Sarfo Duah, 19, turns himself in the next day.

Murder #80: Dec. 2, 2007
The final month of the year gets off to a terrible start when 16-year-old Keyon Campbell is found at his mother's house in the Morningside and Finch area at 1:40am suffering from gunshot wounds. He later dies in hospital. Police describe the boy as a bright and gifted student who was holding down a job. They have no apparent motive and no suspects. A major snowstorm hampers their ability to gather evidence at the scene.

Murder #81: Dec. 14, 2007

The murder that breaks the Year of the Gun record. Fitawrari Lunan was shot to death in his home in a crime cops call a deliberately targeted home invasion. The victim was just 25. His killers remain at large.

Murder #82: Dec. 23, 2007
It was the night before Christmas Eve and there wasn't much goodwill towards 29-year-old Karim Rashid Ata-Ayi. He was gunned down at a playground on Blevins Place in the River and Shuter area. Four or five people were seen running from the scene, and at least as many were taken into custody for questioning. But all were released the next day. There haven't been any arrests yet and the motive for the killing isn't known.

Murders #83 & #84: Dec. 26, 2007
Police are called to the Beacon Hill Towers complex at 2737 Kipling Ave. near Steeles after a report of a domestic dispute. They find a grim and bloody scene, with two young people dead. A third person suffering stab wounds is also discovered near the scene. The latest murders come on Boxing Day, just 24 hours after Christmas and only six days away from the start of a New Year.

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Saturday, December 29, 2007

Crime for Today: December 29

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Woman Shot In Leg Near Jane And Finch

Police in North York are investigating Saturday night after a woman was shot in the leg on San Romanoway, near Jane and Finch. The alleged incident happened around 9:15pm.

Investigators scoured the area looking for a suspect or suspects in the minutes that followed, but there's no word of any arrests. The victim was rushed to hospital and her condition isn't known.
Shattered glass could be seen in the lobby of the building. Witnesses say at least three shots rang out.

If you have any information that can help police call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS.

Suspect Wanted For Windsor Murder Believed To Be Hiding In Toronto

He's alleged to be armed and dangerous - and he could be hanging out in your neighbourhood. Windsor Police have asked their T.O. counterparts for help after an incident in the border city left a 20-year-old man dead.

It happened early Saturday after a group of males came out of an after-hours bar and got into a fight. At some point, one of the men pulled out a gun and fired it point blank at the victim, who succumbed to his injuries.

Windsor cops allege that man was 24-year-old Mohamud Abukar Hagi (top left), who's now wanted on a charge of First Degree Murder. But while authorities think they know the who, they're no longer sure of the where.
They believe the suspect may have fled to Toronto, where he has what police call "numerous associates." He was last seen in the Eglinton and Weston Rd. area, and investigators seem sure he's still here.

He's described as:
Somalian descent,
140 lbs.,
Medium build.

If you see him here keep your distance and get to a phone. Call (416) 808-7400 if his face looks familiar.
North York Stabbing Sends Man To Hospital

An early morning stabbing in North York has left one man in hospital and police searching for suspects. Officers said the victim was attacked just after midnight Friday, about a block east of Mel Lastman Square. The victim suffered stab wounds to the back, chest and head and was taken to hospital for emergency treatment. Authorities are looking for six or seven suspects who ran from the scene and are urging witnesses to come forward.

If you saw what happened, call 32 Division at (416) 808-3200 or Crime Stoppers at (416) 222-TIPS
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Friday, December 28, 2007

Crime for Today: December 28

Shooting in Scarborough

A man was shot in Scarborough on Thursday night.

Early reports reveal the victim, believed to be 19-years-old, suffered minor injuries and was being treated at the scene by Paramedics.

The shooting took place on Burrows Hall Blvd., in the Sheppard Avenue East and Neilson Road area.

Teen Badly Beaten

An 18-year-old was seriously hurt but is expected to recover after a fight with another teen in a Brimley and Eglinton-area parking lot. Police aren't yet certain of the circumstances surrounding the confrontation, which occurred just before 11pm on Wednesday, however the teen suffered serious head injuries after apparently being beaten with a baseball bat.

A 17-year-old boy has been charged with aggravated assault and assault with a weapon. His identity is protected under the Youth Criminal Justice Act.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Sunday, December 23, 2007

T.O. Violence Victims Join In Show Of Support During Holidays

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I attended this event and it was well put together. It was sad to see so many tears shed but it's nice to see everyone come together and support one another.

Toronto's 82nd homicide of 2007 occurred Sunday, and the Regent Park murder put the city's total over that of 2005, the so-called "Year of the Gun."
It was a grim reality for many in the GTA to face, especially for those who lost someone to the senseless violence that were gathering for a show of holiday support on the very same afternoon.
Just two days before Christmas is when Mona Alleyne misses her daughter the most. It will be her first holiday without her Rachel (pictured). The 30 year old was gunned down behind a Driftwood Avenue townhouse in October, leaving behind three young children.
But on Sunday Alleyne wasn't alone. She stood side by side with others who have experienced similar losses, trying to celebrate the holidays and remember their lost loved ones.
"We always spent holidays together," Alleyne said. "And this is really hard because she's not here."
To be sure, 2007 was a violent year in Toronto and the lengthy display of pictures of the lost ones at the event was sombre proof. The afternoon was organized by United Mothers Opposed To Violence Everywhere (UMOVE). The group was created in 2001 after founder Audette Sheppard's teenage son Justin was gunned down.
"I think it's just so important to bring a little bit of hope in humanity for these kids," Sheppard said Sunday. "Because they have totally forgotten."
But its parents who needed the support just as much, a fact evidenced by the attendance of Lorna Brown, whose 11-year-old son, Ephraim, was 2007's youngest murder victim.
"I'm just hurt inside, deep down inside I'm hurt," she said. "Half of my heart is gone."

Homicide 82: Karin Rashid Ata-Ayi

UPDATE: The victim was identified as Karin Rashid Ata-Ayi, 29 years old. The individuals arrested yesterday were only questioned but has since been released.

A man was killed today in Regent Park and as the year comes to an end we already have arrived at homicide 82. The man was shot around 2:30pm today and 5 individuals have been arrested.

With 1991 as being the year with the most homicides at 88, it unfortunately is possible for Toronto to reach this amount by the end of the year.

Friday, December 21, 2007

Just Plain Mess

2 year old Shoots and Kills Rapper (United States Article)

I found this article 2 weeks ago and was in shock when I was reading it. Just goes to show, guns are not to left around the home or any other place as if they are figurines, anyone can pick up a gun and shoot it, even a 2 year old as in this case.
Police are investigating the shooting death of a Florida man and say a 2 year-old may have pulled the trigger.
Investigators say Curtis Collins was at a recording studio when a single gunshot wound to the head killed him. Police believe a gun was on a table in the studio just in the reach of a 2 year-old. They think the toddler was curious about the gun and it went off killing Collins.
Forensics Police Chief Edna Johnson says the gun did not belong to Collins and it should not have been anywhere near a child. “Obviously someone wasn’t watching and the child was able play with the gun and the gun discharged” says Johnson.
According to Collins fiancĂ© none of it makes sense. She says “I can’t see how a 2 year-old could pull the trigger.”

Crime for Today: December 21

Robbery Gone Wrong

A 17 year youth tried to rob a drugstore this evening but while trying to make a getaway the police shot him in the leg. Police aren't admitting to shooting him but the SIU was called in.


UPDATE: Possibly this is not a homicide and police aren't commenting on the case. The police are treating the death as suspicious and state they are not looking for any suspects. No idea why they're being so tight lipped about the situation but lets hope this is not homicide 82.

This morning police discovered a body around 10am in the Queen St. apartment. The victim appeared to have died from a gunshot wound. Further details to come.

Highway Shootout

UPDATE: Police are looking for a green 1999 Chrysler Intrepid with plate # BBZF 475. The suspect is described as a latino male in his 20s or 30s.

A shootout took place on the gardiner this morning amongst a group of individuals. Right now police state two cars began racing on the jarvis ramp and as they sped guns were drawn and shots fired as they continued to speed heavily along the gardiner. A 40 year old woman that was driving along in a seperate car was shot in the arm as these two cars decided to have it out.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Crime for Today: December 20

A couple of stabbings have police looking for suspects

Toronto police are investigating two separate stabbings on Thursday night. The latest incident took place at 280 Dundas Street west, where a man in his 30s was stabbed in the stomach.
Earlier a 19-year-old was rushed to hospital after being knifed several times in the chest at 1600 Sandhurst Circle near McCowan and Finch.
There's no word on their conditions.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Mall Mayhem

Just as I completed the story on Jane and Finch, I put the TV and CP24 and they report there was a brawl at Jane and Finch mall today and they had to lockdown the entire mall. So in the end 3 men have been arrested for assaulting the cops. Thank God no one was hurt and thank the Lord the police didn't use their guns.
There are those areas in Toronto that are classified as high risk, unfortunately Jane/Finch as a whole is considered a volatile neighbourhood where supposedly you shouldn't walk at night.

Areas within the Jane and Finch community consist of Shoreham, Driftwood, Lane, and Connections just to name a few. It's sad but within this community that is mainly housed by black families, youth fight against one another, hate on one another and envy one another which causes the violence. Each area hates each other, one area is considered bloods while the other is considered crips. Jane and Finch continues to be plagued by violence and the residents, police, and community activists don't know what's necessary to fix this issue. All the raids in the world cannot fix the gun violence the runs within this little area. The drop-out rate in the high schools that house the area continues to increase day by day and youth as young as 13 years old are arrested daily in this area.

We've heard the recommendations to bring the army in, but really and truly what would this do to fix the problem? Most of the homes in this community are filled with single mothers who have no more control of the young boy who is now a big man and does what he pleases. I know this firsthand as my mother, a resident of Driftwood is currently going through this issue with my 14 year old brother. So how can we help Jane/Finch to become a community that is safe and not feared? I honestly don't know and this is sad because when I go to that area, I see potential, I meet young men who sell drugs and can do math better than I ever could when I was in high school. I met a young man who loves electronics and although admittely he has chose a life of crime, can fix anything that is broken. Two smart young men who can make something of their life but choose not to. I can preach, we can preach, parents can preach but unfortunately these young men see hustling and a life of crime the only way to survive in Jane/Finch. I continue to worry for our young black men that grow up in this area as these are the young men that are the future of the community. How do we fix this? I don't know anymore.

Some of the Violence that Has Ripped Through the Jane/Finch Area in the Past 3 years.


Dec: Man Shot at Jane and Sheppard, supposedly has to do with shootout that occured days earlier
Dec: Shootout happens in broad daylight just before 8am, Man is arrested
Nov: Delane Daley shot dead in Driftwood
Nov: Christopher Johnson stabbed to death outside Eddystone apartment building
October: Shooting takes place in Driftwood, Rachel Alleyne killed, 3 others shot and injured
Aug: Delane Daley shot 6 times in Shoreham, survives and man arrested in this shooting
Sept: Richard Gyamfi, Shot Dead
June 6: Two groups exchange gunfire between two apartment buildings on Driftwood Crt.
May 23: Jordan Manners, 15, is fatally shot in the chest at C.W. Jefferys Collegiate.
May 3: Bullets from drive-by shooting outside Driftwood school hit two teens.
April 11: A semi-naked and bound shooting victim escapes after a botched home invasion on Driftwood Ave. involving up to five suspects.
April: Allen Benn stabbed and killed in Connections


Dec. 27: Andrew Gayle, 27, is shot and killed in a park outside the Driftwood Community Centre, a month after he gets out of jail.
Dec. 26: Man in his 20s found with a gunshot wound to the face in an apartment on San Romanoway.
Nov. 24: Attempted carjacking with a gun on a woman leaving the Oakdale Park school.
Nov. 14: Man shot in hand during home invasion by three suspects in an apartment near Jane St. and Grandravine Dr.
Nov. 13: Carjacker fires a shotgun at a vehicle on Grandravine Dr.
Oct. 9: 13-year-old boy stabbed in back on Driftwood Ave. by an 11-year-old boy.
May 1: Taxi driver carjacked at gunpoint on Norfinch Dr.
March 27: Jermaine Lincoln Brown, 22, is killed by multiple gunshot wounds outside an apartment on Grandravine Dr.
March 11: Pizza deliveryman robbed at gunpoint by four masked men on Derrydown Rd.
March 4: Police seize a loaded handgun from a man wanted in the U.S. living on Driftwood Ave.
Jan. 27: Young man walking along Driftwood Crt. shot in the leg and torso.

Sept. 13: Sureshkumar Kanagaratnam, 28, is shot and killed at the Yorkwoods Shopping Plaza.
Sept. 10: Andre Burnett, 24, dies of multiple gunshots as he runs across a footbridge over Driftwood Ave.
Aug. 30: Jason Huxtable, 18, is gunned down outside a townhouse complex on Jane St.; 15-year-old boy charged.
Aug. 21: Man shot in the abdomen at Jane-Finch Mall.
Aug. 17: Plainclothes officer assaulted on Oakdale Rd. when man tried to take his gun.
Aug. 3: Shaquan Cadougan, 4, along with four other people, sprayed with bullets outside his Driftwood Ave. home. Above, a witness reacts.

Unsolved Murder: Jonathan Chambers

Unfortunately a good portion of the shootings that occur in the black community go unsolved. The black community continues to worry that the police do not care to solve the murders committed within the black communities or amongst black individuals but currently a case that police are trying hard to crack is the death of Jonathan Chambers.
In March 2007 Jonathan Chambers was found alongside Line 4 South in Oro-Medonte Township, just off Ridge Road in Barrie. This was definitely an execution style murder as stated by police. Chambers was last seen in a Brampton Shoppers World with several unknown men. A handgun was found beside his body at the time. Although he was found in Barrie, the investigation is centered around the GTA. There is currently a $50,000 reward for his killers to be found. In this ruthless world today it’s sad that people are killed but worse in a manner so cold. Hopefully his killers will be brought to justice and his family can rest knowing that his killers are caught.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Homicide #81- Fitawrari Lunan

Fitawrari Lunan, 25 years old passed away on December 15. Unfortunately another life lost to this deadly gun violence that continues to plague Toronto. This is now Homicide #81. Lunan was shot on Friday in the Morningside/Finch ave area.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Crime for Today: December 14

UPDATE: The man that was shot yesterday is currently on life support. At the time of the shooting a woman and child were in the home but did not see the shooting. Motive is unclear but it does look as if the victim was the target. This shooting took place in the same complex where Michael George was gunned down this summer.

Man Reportedly Shot In Scarborough

Today around 12:40pm, reports indicate a man was shot in the Morningside and Finch vicinity. The victim is in his early 20s and was in serious condition when paramedics arrived. No word on arrests. Further updates to come.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

My son wasn’t into that…He was a good kid…

How many times do we hear mothers go on TV and say “My son was no gangster”, or “My son didn’t deserve this” or “My son was the perfect kid, I don’t understand who would do this to him”. I see mothers say these statements over and over again as they try to prove to the media and the world that their child was a poster child kid but in reality these parents are not facing the facts.

It was honestly surprising reading the Toronto star article I posted a few days ago that stated the following:

When a veteran Toronto homicide detective recently told a mother her son had been shot to death, he was taken aback by her response. "She was not shocked. It was almost as if she was expecting it," said the investigator. "It really stuck with me."

This was surprising to hear because I’m used to the family members going on TV and presenting to the media, a kid that did no wrong. I can honestly say only once in my life I’ve heard a mother state to the media that she knew her son (Jahvian Piper) did some wrong things in the past but he was changing and trying his best to make up for it. I think this was the best answer she could have given the media. Her son did try to turn his life around after having a child, but unfortunately he was shot and killed after attending a parenting class.

I log on to Facebook and see all these messages, he was a good guy, he didn’t deserve to go like this blah blah blah, when we all know many of the times these youth are killed, it is at least 90% of the time retaliation for a foolish act they decided to do. (i.e. kill someone, rob someone)

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that all the people that are killed lived a bad lifestyle that eventually caught up to them, there are people that are killed that didn’t’ deserve to die but when I see mothers acting as if there child was a saint when their child may have taken a life themselves, I hate the fact that they portray their child as the best of the best.

I’ve met mothers whose house doors have been shot off because of their son enemies want him dead, I’ve met mothers that continue to visit their son in jail because he refuses to learn. I’ve met mothers, who have found many guns and bullets in their son’s room, and I’ve met mothers who have been threatened by people that want to kill their son yet these same mothers continue to be shocked when their son killed. Parents need to wake up and realize that sometimes that son that comes in everyday and tells you he loves you, or even that son that continuously breaks curfew, skips schools, or is constantly in fights may really be heading down the wrong path. As a parent this is where we need to step in. Many parents fail to realize that we need to talk to our children. My mother’s neighbour has an 11 year old son and I asked her where he was the other day her answer was “I don’t know, he hasn’t been home for 2 weeks”. Imagine, this woman’s young child is nowhere to be found, she doesn’t know if he goes to school and she just didn’t care. I asked her why she doesn’t go and look for him, she said “I don’t care anymore.”

As parents we have that obligation to care. I’ve gone to court several times and look at these young men’s faces as they constantly turn back looking at the audience. Half the time, they honestly are just looking for a family member, mainly their mother or just someone that cares. In a society where being a single mother is the norm, we need to stop the wrong path before it gets worse. No parent should have to bury their child but unfortunately it happens, but parents must face the facts and realize that we must try a fix the problem early instead of too late.

Just keepin’ it real.

Youhan Murder Trial Continues...

The murder trial continued once again for the murder of Youhan Oraha.

The jury heard today how the cop posing as an obeah man was able to get pertinent details from Evol Robinson (one of the accuse) on the shooting of Youhan Oraha.

Evol admitted to the cop that his mother cleaned the murder weapon in the basement of their home. Now I was really upset reading this. I understand that parents want to stick by their children but to actually clean her son’s weapon. It goes to show momma may be a little gangster too. Clearly she has no problems knowing her son is involved with killing someone and did nothing about it. This is honestly sad and it goes to show, many kids today are not raised properly. How can a parent sleep at night knowing that their child is potentially a cold-blooded killer.

Evol gave many details on how the shooting took place, even went on to say that one of the charged men went home after the shooting and played video games. Wow, this makes it sound as if killing someone is a normal day to day routine.

The undercover cop was never able to obtain the weapon.

Read full article here.

Toronto Star Article: The little ones left behind
This article is referring to Rachel Alleyne who was shot and killed in October last year. Her mother discusses her daughter and the future plans she had set along with how it is taking care of Rachel's three children who no longer have their mother.
It's really sad reading this. I knew Rachel and in no way was she involved in crime, she wasn't even involved with a man who was into crime. She just loved playing dominoes and being around her friends. At one point the gunman were careful not to harm women or children, now no one cares, they'll kill 4 people to get to the one person they want to kill now. Very Sad. The investigation still continues into her murder.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

These Kids are Ruthless Nowadays

So a couple of young men decided to go and steal a car. In the process of stealing the car, the police come by and in no way do the boys get out and run, nor do they surrender, they do something dumber. They decide to try and run over the cop.

At 4:30am they pretty much could have been shot and killed because if you do try to run over a cop, they are allowed to shoot as the car was being used as a weapon. They did end up swerving out of the way and running on foot afterwards but of course the cop did let off a shot.

Eventually the cops caught up with one of the suspects as a dumb I mean good samaritan chased the suspect for the cops and police were able to arrest him. In no way should you ever put your life on the line and this man could have been killed because he wants a merit award.

I don't know what's going on with these kids nowadays and aren't their parents worried that they weren't home. Parents really need to be aware of where there kids are and what they're doing as there is no reason why boys should be joyriding at 4:30am especially on a school night.

See full story here

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Youhan Oraha Murder Case Continues

Last week I updated you on information regarding Youhan Oraha's Murder case (see Well the case continued yesterday and as I was stating earlier, a cop posed as a witch doctor (also know as an obeah man) and obtained details from the mother and one of the three individuals charged in Youhan's murder. An anonymous writer commented that I was making this stuff up and in no way was this true. Well I think that the Toronto Star was right.

The officer that posed as Leon the Oeah Man went on the stand and discussed details that took place between him, Evol (one of the individuals charged), and his mother. Const. Andrew Cooper met Evol's mother after diliberately breaking her car window and befriending her by telling her that evil spirits were around her, and that's how they continued their meetings. The officer taped discussions that he had with the mother and son and and advised them how he would protect them against the police, judges and court system. The cop even went as far to break an egg that spilled blood at the scene of the crime to convince them both of his powers.

The jury watched videos as Evol waved a glass chanting out a name. The cop got Evol to write Oraha's name backwards to see if Evol believed in his fake powers the way his mother did.

The full story is posted in the articles below and it's actually quite amusing what people will fall for. Evol really got himself a sentence with doing this. The case continues.....

Monday, December 10, 2007

Good Read: As homicides near record, where's the outrage?

The following is an article taken from the Toronto Star today. It's a very good article.
Viewing homicides as someone else's problem makes matters worse, observers say
Dec 10, 2007 04:30 AM Betsy Powell Crime Reporter
When a veteran Toronto homicide detective recently told a mother her son had been shot to death, he was taken aback by her response. "She was not shocked. It was almost as if she was expecting it," said the investigator. "It really stuck with me." The detective asked not to be named so as not to bring her any more hurt.
Here in Canada's largest city, there have been 80 homicides so far in 2007, a number closing in on the record 89 set back in 1991. Notwithstanding one city councillor's call last week to bring in the military to combat gang violence, moral panic has not set in.
Make no mistake, Toronto remains one of the safest cities in the world. As police remind us, the chances of becoming a homicide victim are remote unless you have a "criminal, high-risk lifestyle" involving guns, gangs or drugs.
"If you take out the gangbangers, if you're not selling firearms, if you're not involved in the sex trade, you're not going to get murdered in Toronto," Brian Raybould, the head of the homicide squad, said last week.
But some fear Toronto has become a place with a parallel universe, where some residents feel shielded and far removed from a separate, hellish world where life is cheap and expendable and where those who suffer most are caught in a rising tide of helplessness.
"It doesn't seem to move us that much anymore. We're not rallying in great numbers to try to solve it," said Pastor Orim Meikle. "I think we've kind of folded our hands and say `I don't know if we're going to fix this.'"
And when society gets to that point, the focus for some becomes how to enact laws "to ensure that we keep them at bay or we build gated communities around ourselves so that we essentially accept that there's going to be that society and there's going to be us, almost a form of apartheid," said Grace-Edward Galabuzi, a professor in Ryerson University's department of politics and public administration.
Galabuzi said the uncomfortable fact that black youths disproportionately represent both homicide victims and victimizers shouldn't be ignored. The overwhelming majority of homicide victims in 2007 have been male, about two-thirds non-white. "I think that's troubling but I think that needs to be said," he said. Nor the fact a lot of the violent crime happens in low-income neighbourhoods where joblessness is high and opportunities limited, leading black youth to "the poor choices that some of them make."
Meikle, whose Rhema Christian Ministries has a large black congregation in the east end, worries that if the broader community regards it as a "black problem" it may fuel the belief that "this isn't our problem.
"By all means I think the black community should be culpable, come to the table and look for solutions and also accept blame where blame is due," he said.
"But if we continue to almost segregate the problem, it seems to suggest the solution only resides within the black community."
Defence lawyer John Struthers, who has represented nine young black men who went on to die violently, agrees this is everyone's problem.
He called Giorgio Mammoliti's suggestion that martial law be enacted and civil liberties suspended contemptible and grossly simplistic. Toronto police believe 16 of this year's homicides are related to gang activity.
"Perhaps focusing on the root causes of the problems, including poverty, educational and recreational resources and the failed war on drugs policy, would be more productive," said Struthers.
Toronto has created these "housing projects where we put people and isolate them from the rest of us," so is it any real surprise then that, when old enough, they make the choices they do?
"You can go work at the Foot Locker and make your $7 or $8 an hour wearing your striped shirt and selling shoes or you can stand on the corner and sell crack for $1,000 a day and the culture supports that in terms of it being cool."
Meikle says it comes down to choices. He has experienced racism – "so have many others" – but doesn't blame "wrong choices" earlier in his life on external forces. By his early 20s, he turned his life around after going back to school.
"It's not that there's this juggernaut of a system that's forcing some of these young men into making these decisions. Some are simply making these decisions because they're bad kids," said Meikle.
There are others, however, "in situations that their environment has forced them in that direction."
Regardless of whether we think "it's coming from a history of slavery, or there's an economic problem here within the black community, or there's a familial problem in the black community... really to solve it requires the resources and attention of the entire city."

Article from the Toronto Star - December 10 2007

Sunday, December 9, 2007

15 Year Old Girl Abducted May Be Linked to Last week Shootout

The day that two individuals decided to have the shootout bright and early before 8am may be linked to a kidnapping that also took place on Thursday morning. Previous article (

A 15 year old girl was allegedly abducted at gunpoint around 6pm on Thursday near Finch and Driftwood as she waited for the bus. Police state the young 15 year old is a cousin of the 2nd suspect they are seeking in this case. She was supposedly kidnapped in order to find out the identity of the 2nd gunman who was trying to shoot at the individual that was already arrested, Richardo Shackleford.

It is said that this young girl was brought to an apartment and beaten and interrogated for hours as these young men tried to obtain information. By 11pm the young lady was either released or escaped from the jane/wilson apartment that she was dragged to.

The young girl allegedly did not provide any details to the men and the apartment has been found by police. They are now looking for fingerprints and any details that can lead to the arrest of the individuals that put this young girl through hell.

This abduction along with the shooting that occured last night at Jane/Sheppard (read below)are all said to be linked to the shootout that occured last week Wednesday between two young men. The 2nd young man has yet to be caught.

This is so sad, it feels like many of these situations are like watching a mafia movie. The police are supposedly taking the necessary precautions to ensure she isn't harmed again but in all honesty I'm worried for this girl and her family.

Crime for Today: December 9

Toronto Police are investigating two shootings that happened overnight in North York.
Cops were called out to the Dufferin and Rogers Road area around 5:15am Sunday. When they arrived there was no victim but they noticed a cab speeding away.
A short time later, they spotted the taxi at a nearby hospital and discovered there was a man suffering from a gunshout wound inside the car. After speaking with the victim, ETF officers went back to the house they just came from to investigate.
It's not clear yet what the connection is between the shooting and the occupants of the residence. Officials said when they went back to the Westmount Avenue home, three people ran inside and then were later arrested. There's no word yet if any charges have been laid.
Meanwhile, authorities said it's still too early to speculate whether there's a link between another late-night shooting in the Jane and Sheppard area and last Wednesday's running gun battle that happened in the same neighbourhood.
Officers said a 25-year-old Toronto man was shot in the leg and buttocks around 9:30pm while he was sitting in a car, but he's expected to make a full recovery. Police are searching for three or four suspects.
If you have any information that can help the investigation, call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS.

Saturday, December 8, 2007

The Black KKK

I came across a posting the other day where a black news columnist discussed the death of Redskins safety Sean Taylor. Due to the fact that the murder rate amongst black men are continually high and most of these men are murdered by black men, he calls this the Black KKK. The pain, the fear and the destruction are all the same, and pain fear and destruction is what black men are unleashing almost everyday in both Canada and the U.S.

Imagine as black people we are our worst enemy. Most races in today's society all work together to acheive something greater. The Jewish hire the Jewish, the Jewish take care of one another. The Indian, Chinese, and Latino will have 30 people living in a small house in order for all of them to save up and buy their own house for their own families. Black people unfortunately cannot do this as we have too much pride. We become envious of one another. If someone else has, we want to take. We hate to see our own people prosper. We will see our own family do well, and wish that they didn't. I listened to flow935 today and Cousin Jeff from BET stated the following "how can we fight a man over a corner that our own mother doesn't own a house on, how can we rob a man who's as broke as us, how can we look at another black man and take his life as if we are to judge whether he live or die, Black people wake up". This is all so true.

Black people become all civil rights leaders when we hear a white man call us nigger, we become political when a radio host calls some basketball players nappy headed hoes yet these are the least of our problems. A black man can go out there and shoot another black man as if he is God and not think twice about how his actions affect families and communities.

I am now agreeing with the news columnist. We need to stop the Black KKK. I fear my own kind more than I fear the white man. I fear that my own kind will kill my little brothers because he wants something that they have. I fear my son will be at the park and a black man may not like someone who happens to be at the park and do a drive by and shoot my child, I fear that my boyfriend will be robbed by his own kind for the few dollars he has in his wallet.

Wake up black people. We are making our own kind extinct.

Shooting at Jane/Sheppard

Police Investigate Following Gunfire On Sheppard Near Jane
Saturday December 8, 2007 Staff
Gunfire rang out in North York Saturday night, and police are investigating a shooting on Sheppard near Jane Street.
Cops were called to
1872 Sheppard Ave. before 10pm Saturday after gunshots were heard in the area.
There was no victim at the scene but shell casings were found on the ground and there are reports a man has since shown up at an area hospital with a gunshot wound, though that hasn't been confirmed.
If you have any information, call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS.

No full details on this yet but Citynews reports that a shooting occured not too long ago at Jane and Sheppard. An individual walked into an hospital stating he was shot, no full details yet. Will udpate as more news becomes available.

Jane/Sheppard is pretty hot nowadays, a few days ago this is where that shootout took place bright and early in the morning.


Thank you for all of you that visit my site and email me regarding the site but I just want to clear something up with everyone. When creating these stories, I am not basing them off of my personal feelings, these are all based on what I read in the papers and websites. Only certain stories I let my feelings be known but otherwise I don't make any of this stuff up.

As a black woman, I'm fed up and hopefully by all of you reading these sites, you can convince people to change their bad ways, or you too can change your bad ways.

I've noticed offence taken on some of the postings, in no way am I trying to hurt anyone. Please keep this in mind. This site is created to educate black people and realize the consequences for some of their actions.

Thank you!!

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Another Raid , So What!!

The new raid was named "Project Cheddar". The police got drugs, $150K in cash and some guns after raiding nine locations last night. In all, nine suspects were arrested.

Clearly these raids to me would only be helpful if these guys weren't put back on the street tomorrow. I know for a fact all these suspects will be out on bail by the end of the week. Unless these raids keeps them in jail, they have no real effect on me as there's still shootings almost everyday and a murder like every week.

Send in the Army...WHAT!!!

UPDATE #2: The councillor said a funny thing about this issue that made sense. "these youth call themselves soldiers so why not bring the army in?". Kinda makes sense

UPDATE: Chief Bill Blair thinks this idea is as dumb as I think it is.

So a Toronto Councillor is saying that the army has to be sent into these troubled areas to deal with the gangsters that continue to shoot up the city. Giorgio Mammoliti, York West Councillor feels the city nor the police have what it takes to fix this gun issue. He feels the army can have a real impact.

Impact how? I'm confused, what in the world can the army do to help? Will these soldiers go around and just starting shooting people if they see anything out of line? Mammoliti doesn't realize, these gangsters will shoot the army men if they have to, they don't value life so why in the world would they care about a man in the army.

I personally feel this idea makes no sense and honestly this will just be more taxes taken from my pay cheque. If the want to rid the city of crime or better yet the shootings that continue to plague the city they must:

1)Keep the fuckers in jail
2)Stop granting them bail just because they have a surety to put up a house or claim they have $5000 to be a surety
3)Stop giving them parole so quick
4)Stop granting them time served (2 months = 1 month)

There are a million more points I can add to this but many of these men that are committing these crimes are either out on bail or parole. These men commit these crimes because many of them don't end up seeing jail for too long. It's honestly easy to beat a case in this country, it's actually ridiculous.

The Tale of a Deportee: O’Neil Grant

O’Neil Grant was acquitted in the shooting death of Georgina “Vivi" Leimonis at a Just Desserts cafĂ© in Toronto back in 1994. Grant was ordered back to Jamaica due to the fact he had many prior convictions for drugs and assault with a weapon. He was finally deemed by a judge as a public danger so even though he has been in Canada for the past 20 years, Canada did not want him here. Between 2001-2004, 2,700 deportees per year have been sent back to Jamaica from Canada, U.S. and Britain. Deportees are blamed for a lot of the crime that currently exists in Jamaica. This year alone, 1200+ people have been murdered in Jamaica. With statistics like this why would O’Neil or anyone want to go back to Jamaica?

On October 29, 2007, Grant was shot and killed in Jamaica, 5 days before his son was born. Rumours suggest it was a hit ordered on him from Canada and other rumours suggest it was due to the many women he had and could have been part of a love triangle. O’Neil of course was upset and felt cheated by Cabada as he had his kids and a wife here in Canada. He did however manage to become a model citizen of Jamaica taking care of his family, getting a job and being a good boy as he hoped to come back to Canada one day as he described it as the best country in the world.

Currently our immigration system is being blamed for the death of O’Neil. Arguments state O’Neil should have never been sent back to Jamaica and the justice system failed Grant which is why he now lies dead. Grant had done a complete 360 and was a changed man. On a blog his son stated the following, “One of their reasons for deporting my dad was he never changed his address. How the hell was he going to change is address from Don Jail? So why did he go to jail? His son continues to argue that his father did not kill Vivi which is why he was acquitted. Other bloggers state he was involved but unfortunately technicalities with evidence freed O’Neil but they hated the fact that he showed no remorse for the murder. One blogger went on to say “O’Neil Grant can now rot in hell”.

Family of Grant felt that due to the fact he was in Canada since he was 11, it made no sense for him to be sent back home. The family grieves and continues to condemn the justice system. But in reality I don’t feel the justice system failed Grant, I think Grant failed himself and his family. Grant made decisions on how he chose to live his life and decided to be remorseful later. Unfortunately those decisions were made too late. Jamaican’s are fully aware what can happen if you choose a life of crime in other parts of the world. As I believe, your past will always come back to haunt you and unfortunately it did in Grant’s case. I personally hate the fact that Jamaica’s murder rate is so high and the fact that people that have been here so long can be deported back there but again we all make our own decisions. But again the circle continues, black on black violence is increasing and must stop. R.I.P. O’Neil.

Murder Warrant Issued in Mississauga Homicide

UPDATE: Tristan Palmer turned himself into police last night. He will appear in court today.

A warrant has been issued for the arrest of Tristan Palmer, 19 years old of Mississauga for the shooting death of Husam Daghemi, 27. Palmer is described as male, black, 5’7” and 125 lbs. He is also wanted on robbery, assault cause bodily harm and utter threats charges stemming from a separate incident.

These are the people we need to get off the streets, hopefully he is found before he does anymore damage.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Crime for Today: December 5

Drive by Shooting at Jane/Sheppard, North York Elementary School Under Lockdown After Reports Of Gunfire

UPDATE: One of those fools that thought it was a good idea to have a gun battle bright and early in the morning was arrested a few hours ago, he's a grown man too, 27 year old Richardo George Shackleford. They're still look for another jackass described as male, black, mid-20s, with jeans on and a dark puffy jacket (pretty much every man in the hood).

Police are on the scene of an alleged shooting in the area of Sheppard and Arleta Avenue, near John Lindsay Court. Officers said witnesses reported hearing the exchange of gunfire shortly after 8am Wednesday. A vehicle from the City of Toronto was reportedly struck by one of the bullets.
As a safety precaution a nearby elementary school, St. Martha Catholic School at 1865 Sheppard Ave. West is under lockdown.
It's still not clear how the events unfolded but police believe there are two suspects.
"The information that we have [so far] is that two black males were allegedly armed with a handgun and exchanged fire," said Toronto Police Cst. Wendy Drummond.There are no reports of injuries or any arrests yet. (posted on

Wow shooting in the morning before 8am, that's crazy. This world is crazy but thank God no one was hurt.

Convenience Store Clerk Stabbed in East End

UPDATE: A man named Michael Miller, 32 years of age ( a big ass grown man) was arrested for this incident. Police are actually really working to catch these crooks now.

Toronto police called off their intense search for a man who stabbed a convenience store clerk at the Malvern Town Centre, in the city's east end, Wednesday morning. The incident happened before 6 a.m., in the Neilson Road and Highway 401 area, at a 24 hours Mac's Milk convenience store. Officers taped off the areas surrounding the town centre and used police dogs to hunt down the suspect, who fled on foot, but the search came up empty. The 23-year-old victim was stabbed twice in the stomach and was rushed into surgery. The knife's blade was reported to be about five to six inches long. The suspect ran off with $100 from the store's register. "We usually don't come to this area before 5 a.m. when it is so dark, because we had two cases here when they took the money from us at gunpoint," one taxi driver in the area told 680News. Residents said this is not the first time this particular store was robbed and wondered if it should remain opened 24 hours. "I don't think it's worth it, I mean the risk is too great," one man said. Police were hoping the security video inside the store would help to catch the suspect. (Posted on

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Good Read: Interpreting Toronto's Murder Tally

The following was a comment posted in the Toronto Sun on December 4. We all know the Toronto Sun would not have the sense to write such an article. Read Fully, it's very good!

What should we make of the large number of homicides in Toronto this year?
While shootings are down, murders -- now at 80 with a month left to go -- are ahead both of last year's pace and even of 2005's notorious year of the gun.
There's a chance Toronto could record its highest murder tally ever -- breaking the previous mark of 89 set in 1991. Our view is that this is cause for concern, but not panic. In fact, the murder count for any one year doesn't tell us a lot. For example, while the 41 gun murders to date this year are ahead of the 27 that occurred to this point in 2006, they're down from the 50 recorded to this date in 2005, when the final tally of 52 was a record.

What we do learn from the homicide stats of the past few years is this: Despite living in, statistically, one of the safest cities in North America, we have a persistent problem with gang and gun violence, mainly involving young black men living in urban ghettoes, who are disproportionately both the shooters and victims.
That's not something the police can solve alone.

Here's what needs to be done:
First, a toughening of our revolving door justice system, in which gun-toting gangsters are often back on the street before the police can finish their paperwork on the arrest.

Second, Toronto school trustees need to start backing teachers trying to maintain discipline in classrooms in troubled schools, instead of denying there's a problem, shuffling troubled students between schools, wasting public money on endless studies and offering up meaningless tokenism, such as establishing one "black focused" elementary school. Big deal.

Third, Premier Dalton McGuinty needs to fix the education funding formula, since right now it underfunds boards like Toronto, leaving trustees scrambling to pinch pennies rather than develop sound programs, particularly to address the chronic high dropout rate among black youth.

Finally, until more parents in the communities breeding these gun-toting gangsters start acting like parents instead of overgrown children themselves, particularly absentee fathers, nothing will ever change.
Comments Anyone?

Case Closed: Andrew Khan Acquitted of Murder of O'neal Walker

O'neal Walker, 23 (photo on the left) at the time was shot 19 times by two masked men as he sat with friends in the basement of a Shoreham Court home. Andrew Khan admitted to being nearby when the shooting took place in May 2004 but he knew nothing about the shooting but he was charged anyways in the execution style slaying of Walker. Khan only realized later that people thought that he was responsible when he got threatening phone calls from a friend of O'neal's.

Khan has been in hiding the last 14 months due to fear that he may be killed but is now rejoicing that he is a free man. Reasons that helped this man get acquitted is that the witness (O'neal's best friend) was once again a drug dealer who went around brandishing his gun and robbing people. So once again a jury pretty much could not consider his side because he's a criminal.

Although O'neal was known as drug dealer who led a dangerous lifestyle, on the night of his shooting he pushed a little girl out of harms way as he saw the men coming to shoot him. At least he did one good deed before he died. R.I.P. O'neal.

Parole Denied for Junior Johnson

Yesterday I posted the the story of Junior Johnson who was going up for parole for a second time today. He is currently serving time for the murder of Christie Rose Christie. Well the sucker wasn't let out and I'm relieved more than ever. These young men need more time to reflect on their actions and the pain and heartbreak they cause for families and to the individuals they decided to play God with and end their lives. I don't need to hear that another man that was out on parole or bail just killed or shot someone. Might as well he just serve the time, he ain't getting out on no parole any time soon.

Remains Identified as Toronto Woman Frania Cardenas

Remains found in Bracebridge have been identified as Frania Cardenas who was 33 at the time and has been missing since 2003. Although no body was available, her husband Yanga Wanji was charged but supposedly he fled to Kenya after her disappearance. She was identified through dental records, and the cause of her death remains unknown. Her husband is still in hiding but a warrant has been issued for his arrest since 2003.
God rest your soul Frania. Sad to see when the few people in your life that you put your trust in will take your life as if you never existed.

Monday, December 3, 2007

Rewind: Breanna Davy

1999 was the year that I feel Toronto completely lost its innocence. 3 year Breanna Davy(photo on the left), only 3 years old was shot in the head and killed. Her alleged killer, Craig Patrick was trying to shoot and kill her dad. The bullet however did hit her father in the neck. Warren Blackstock (photo on the left) is now crippled from the neck down. Once the bullet hit Breanna, there was no way to save her, she was gone.

I remember vividly when I watched the news and saw this beautiful girls face on the TV. Tears streamed down my face for days. At the time, my son was only a year old and I couldn’t imagine having to go through what Breanna’s mom went through. Patrick supposedly wanted Warren dead as the night before Warren pistol whipped Patrick at a party the night before. I asked myself, why does God do this to little children? I mean she was only 3, an innocent child gone, and gone so wickedly.

Today Craig Patrick (photo on the left) is a free man. Warren testified that this is the man that shot him and killed his daughter but this man was let free. He was found guilty at first, but he appealed and the second time around he was found not guilty. A jury acquitted this man. The reason he was found innocent was due to the fact the previous judge did not warn the jury about Warren’s credibility as he had a lengthy record and even was convicted in the past for manslaughter. Supposedly the killer was wearing a mask and Warren could not have identified the shooter considering he had so many enemies. What I don’t understand is if Patrick wasn’t guilty in the first place, why was he hiding? Also I don’t think any father in the world would go around making up who killed their child but for some reason the jury believed Patrick and he was set free.

I can’t say if Patrick killed this sweet little girl but of course this situation was a lesson to be taught. Parents that choose to live this gangster lifestyle don’t realize the jeopardy that they put their family in. God made Warren survive for one reason only, to see what his actions can cost him. Warren now must live day by day realizing that he caused his daughters demise and he now he must suffer through knowing this along with being crippled for the rest of his life. Karma is real. What you do will come back to haunt you and unfortunately it can haunt in ways that you will never be able to live with yourself.

R.I.P. Breanna

Parole Hearing: Junior Johnson

A killer is going up for parole tomorrow. Junior Johnson who was charged and found guilty in the murder Christie Rose Christie goes up for his hearing tomorrow and Christie’s mom Tracie will stop at nothing to ensure he stays where he is as she feels he will likely murder again. I don’t blame her one bit.

Christie was shot and killed while babysitting her little brother at home in January 1996. Christie was tricked into opening the door by a boy she knew, they were wearing masks but she knew their voices. Junior at one point wanted to date Christie, but she didn’t want to go out with him. Christie was still alive in the ambulance and was able to tell the officers who shot her and repeated the information over and over to her mother as she was dying. In the end she told her mother she loved her and was gone. Junior was given a life sentence but that was later reduced to 7 years due to time served (WHAT THE HELL!) He tried 2 years ago to get parole but was denied, he has even filed to be deported back to Jamaica. Guess the jail life isn't fun. Feldon Bennett who was charged with planning the murder of Christie was also given time and can you believe this man has just been recently charged with the murder of Xavier Miles in Hamilton. Clearly the time these men are serving is not working and not enough.

For those of you that have Facebook, search up Torontonians United Against Gun Violence and Tax Laws. Join this group and help keep these criminals in jail. With the current state of violence in Toronto, I personally don’t want to see this man back on the streets for now, we don’t need more lives lost.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Shooting in Mississauga

UPDATE: The shooting victim has been identified as Husam DAGHEIM. Police are looking for three suspects all black. The Toronto Sun (not too credible source) states the shooting stemmed from a drug deal gone bad.

Another shooting took place in Mississauga tonight at 8:30pm yet claiming another life. The shooting took place at the movie theatre in Square One. I don't know if the individual that was killed is black but it's sad to hear when any life is lost foolishly.

This is Peel's 13th homicide this year. Victims name has not been released as of yet. Further details to come....

Homicide #80 - Keyon Campbell

UPDATE: Keyon's shooting could have been a case of mistaken identity. The young boy who my boyfriend also knew loved basketball and was a well liked individual who was very mannerable. Again we never know what young youth are doing behind closed doors but it could have been a case of mistaken identity. Keyon had went to warm up his mothers car when he was shot in front of his home. He stumbled into his house where his mom and aunt performed CPR but unfortunately he later died in hospital.
Another black youth was murdered last night in Scarborough. 16 year old Keyon Campbell was found by his mother in the front hallway of their home located in an Empringham complex. Detectives had difficulty finding clues due to the big snowstorm that hammered the city last night. Anyone with information on this homicide is asked to contact the police asap.

Again I type up this with anger in my heart because this is uncalled for. At leat 95% of the young youth that were shot and killed this year were black. I think over 50% of those black youth were under the age of 25. This is not good at all and honestly I don't know how this is going to be fixed.

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Court Case In Effect: Murder of Youhan Oraha

Shemaul Cunningham (in photo) was shot to death September 5, 2004 as he drove on the highway. One bullet to the head killed this man. The man allegedly responsible for his death is now also a statistic, Youhan Oraha was shot 14 times in Brampton on October 9 2004. His girlfriend watched as several men pumped bullets into him as he tried to run for his life. These same men that killed her boyfriend she states were one time friends of Youhan's. Shemaul was also allegedly his friend at one point too. The people that are responsible for Youhan Oraha's murder are now on trial and the jurors are now deliberating if they will go to prison for the rest of their lives. The crown is arguing that Youhan Oraha's killling was a revenge shooting for the death of Shemaul Cunningham. The individuals charged for killing Youhan are friends of Shemaul Cunningham. Jahmar Welsh has been charged with first degree murder and also charged are Andrew Brown and Evol Robinson all between the ages of 20-25.

The case is supposedly going in circles. Youhan's girlfriend has identified the shooter considering she was there and saw his face full and clear and also she knew him considering this young man was once friends with her boyfriend. At one point it was even said that one of the charged individuals mother went to a obeah man who was really an undercover officer and gave the fake obeah man details of the shooting as she was hoping he could get her son off. FOOL!! Also Andrew Brown keeps changing his story, one minute he was there and the next minute he wasn't. Attached are links for the Toronto Star giving you full details on this case day by day. No picture of Youhan was available but it's sad, Youhan was supposedly trying to give up his gangster lifestyle but did he decide this after or before allegedly shooting and killing Shemaul? Unfortunately we'll never know. In a few days we'll know if these young boys will go to prison for this crime. I'll keep you updated.